Coronation Weekend to Boost London’s Retail and Hospitality Sectors

Coronation Weekend to Boost London’s Retail and Hospitality Sectors

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Experts predict that the coronation weekend will generate £450 million for London’s retail and hospitality sectors.


More than 30,000 foreign visitors are expected to arrive in the capital, on top of those who would usually visit, to enjoy “Coronation treat” visits to London.

Over 100,000 overseas tourists are expected to stay in London for the crowning of King Charles and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

In addition to the foreign visitors, hundreds of thousands of people from around the UK are expected to visit the capital for the event.

Increased Bookings and Accommodation Prices

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Research by specialist analysts Key Data revealed that international visitor accommodation bookings were up 75.1% compared to the same period last year.

Overall arrivals in London, including from across the UK, were 47.4% higher than last year.


It is estimated that foreign visitors alone will spend over £200 million on accommodation, eating out, and shopping.

The total amount spent, including extra spending by Londoners and memorabilia, could exceed £450 million.

Anticipation for the Coronation

The event has generated excitement among Londoners and businesses.

The Heart of London group, representing businesses in and around Piccadilly, St James’s, and Leicester Square, is optimistic about the boost the event will provide to recoup losses made since the pandemic.

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Research shows that London’s popularity as a tourist destination has been a major factor in the increased bookings.

Lord Carrington’s Perspective

Lord Carrington, who will hand the new monarch the “Golden Spurs” at the coronation ceremony, has described working with Charles and Camilla as an “absolute pleasure”.


He stated that they appeared “very relaxed” and that he had enjoyed working with them at rehearsals.

The coronation is expected to be an occasion of historical significance, and the excitement surrounding the event is palpable in the capital.

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The anticipation for the coronation weekend in London is high, generating excitement among businesses and Londoners.

The increased tourist numbers and spending will provide a much-needed boost to the retail and hospitality sectors, which have been struggling due to the pandemic.

The event is expected to attract over 100,000 overseas tourists, with hundreds of thousands more from across the UK.

It is also noteworthy that the increased bookings are testament to London’s popularity as a tourist destination.

The coronation ceremony is expected to be a historic event, and the excitement surrounding it is palpable in the capital.

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