Labour Party Factional Chairman Staunchly Backs Peter Obi’s Presidential Case

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Lamidi Apapa, the factional National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has reaffirmed his unwavering support for the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in his quest to win his case before the tribunal for the 2023 elections.


Apapa firmly believes that Obi’s victory, which would result in him becoming the President of Nigeria, will directly lead to an improved quality of life for himself as well.

Speaking during an interview with Arise TV, Apapa emphasized that his allegiance to Obi is unparalleled among his supporters.

According to Apapa, the votes he garnered for the party during the election serve as undeniable evidence of his unwavering support for Obi.

He argues that no one can claim to be more obedient to Obi’s cause than himself.

Apapa firmly states that he is fully behind Obi’s mandate and has repeatedly expressed this sentiment.

The votes he received and the location where he cast his vote solidify his strong desire for Peter Obi to assume the presidency of Nigeria.


Apapa further asserts that he stands firmly with Obi’s mandate, and he firmly believes that if Obi emerges victorious and becomes the President, his own life would undoubtedly improve.

As an elderly individual with a deep understanding of life, Apapa holds the belief that having Obi in power would bring about a better future for himself.

He dismisses any contrary claims made by others, regarding them as mischievous and lacking sincerity.

In conclusion, Lamidi Apapa, the factional National Chairman of the Labour Party, publicly declares his full support for Peter Obi’s aspirations and his case before the tribunal.

Apapa firmly believes that Obi’s success would lead to personal improvements in his own life.

With a resolute stance, he affirms his unwavering loyalty and declares his preference for Peter Obi’s presidency.


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