UN Support for Governors-elect: Strengthening Institutions and Fulfilling Promises

UN Support for Governors-elect: Strengthening Institutions and Fulfilling Promises

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

UN Urges Governors-elect to Fulfill Campaign Promises: A Call for Effective Leadership

The United Nations (UN) has emphasized the importance of governors-elect delivering on their campaign promises once they assume office.


During the 2023 Nigeria Governors’ Forum induction, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed stressed the need for governors to prioritize the fulfillment of their commitments to the people.

The Importance of Delivering Campaign Promises:

Mohammed highlighted that the first term of office passes swiftly, and the second term even faster.

Therefore, governors-elect should ensure the delivery of their campaign promises before their tenure concludes.

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She emphasized that state governors have the authority and responsibility to address critical infrastructure and provide essential services for social and economic development.

Key Areas of Focus:


The UN Deputy Secretary-General identified four key areas that require urgent attention and action.

These include building institutional capacity, fostering trusted partnerships, securing financing for implementation, and displaying effective leadership.

By addressing these areas, governors can effectively deliver better services, opportunities, safety, governance, and a healthier environment for the people.

UN Support and Collaboration:

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Mohammed assured the governors-elect of the UN’s support through Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams in Nigeria and across the continent.

She emphasized the significance of the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework between the UN and the Nigerian government in pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union’s 2063 Agenda.

Governors’ Induction Seminar:

Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Governor Aminu Tambuwal, highlighted the purpose of the induction seminar.


The event aimed to equip new governors with the necessary skills for democratic governance.

Experts in governance, bureaucrats, and entrepreneurs were invited to share their expertise on democratic governance in Nigeria’s unique political landscape.

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The UN’s call for governors-elect to fulfill their campaign promises underscores the importance of effective leadership and the delivery of essential services.

By prioritizing the needs of the people, building institutional capacity, forming partnerships, securing financing, and demonstrating strong leadership, governors can contribute to a more cohesive and harmonious nation.

The induction seminar serves as a valuable platform for governors to develop the essential skills required for democratic governance.


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