OnlyFans’ Millionaire Creators in LA Share Their Extravagant Lifestyles

OnlyFans’ Millionaire Creators in LA Share Their Extravagant Lifestyles

The Rise of OnlyFans Millionaires

The surge in OnlyFans popularity has given rise to a new class of millionaires thriving in Los Angeles. In a feature by the LA Times, three prominent women on the platform, each boasting over a million Instagram followers and ranking among the top creators, shed light on their opulent lifestyles and growing empires.

Casey Boonstra: From Desperation to Luxury

For Casey Boonstra, a native Australian, the shift to OnlyFans came amidst job loss during the pandemic. Struggling with limited work options due to visa constraints, Boonstra found financial solace on the platform.

This transition paved the way for a more financially stable life, allowing her to splurge on luxury items, travel business class, and indulge in Hollywood’s finest offerings.

Carly Sutherland Lawrence: Navigating Life’s Expenditures

Originally from Canada, Carly Sutherland Lawrence’s journey to OnlyFans followed a reality TV stint. Despite her significant income, she maintains a cautious approach to spending, avoiding extravagance in some areas while allowing herself occasional indulgences.

Balancing her lavish lifestyle with prudent choices, she invests in personal care, mental health, and entrepreneurial ventures like her perfume line.

Desiree Schlotz: Transforming Dreams into Reality

Midwesterner Desiree Schlotz found her footing on OnlyFans after a career shift from aspiring modeling. Her newfound success enabled her to enjoy a spacious apartment, delve into interior design, and pursue her interest in luxurious brands like Erewhon.

Schlotz, similar to her counterparts, invests in skincare, fitness, and entrepreneurial ventures, notably a swimwear brand, Celestial Swim.

The Path to Entrepreneurship and Success

All three women are carving their paths to success, investing in businesses and ventures beyond their online presence.

Boonstra eyes an acting career, Lawrence delves into a perfume line, while Schlotz nurtures her swimwear brand aspirations, reflecting a shift towards entrepreneurship and diversifying income streams.

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