London’s Bottega Prelibato Takes Stand Against Altered Carbonara Amid Customer Demands

Stand for Authenticity

Bottega Prelibato, an Italian restaurant in London’s Shoreditch, has taken a bold stance by refusing to serve carbonara with custom additions, citing their commitment to preserving the dish’s authenticity.

The restaurant announced this decision via Instagram, emphasizing their dedication to upholding the traditional Roman-style recipe of carbonara, comprising egg yolks, Pecorino cheese, guanciale, and black pepper.

Defying Customization Requests

Addressing customer requests to modify the classic dish by adding cream, mushrooms, or chicken, the eatery expressed respect for preferences but stressed their unwavering stance on maintaining quality and authenticity.

They stood firm against altering the traditional recipe, leading to what they referred to as ‘Carbonara Gate,’ sparking a debate among patrons and followers on social media.

Upholding Authentic Craftsmanship

Owner Gianfillippo Mattioli defended their culinary principles, emphasizing their adherence to the ‘right way’ of preparing carbonara.

Mattioli highlighted their refusal to incorporate cream, focusing instead on pre-cooking Italian Guanciale to achieve the desired crispiness, maintaining the dish’s authenticity.

Crafting the Authentic Carbonara

Italian chef Massimo Bianchi shared a five-ingredient recipe for the perfect spaghetti carbonara, emphasizing guanciale, eggs, spaghetti, parmesan, and pecorino cheese as essential elements. Bianchi’s recipe involves sautéing guanciale, whisking egg yolks with cheese and pepper, and combining them with al dente spaghetti, ensuring the dish is consumed immediately for optimal taste and texture.

Patrons’ Reactions and Culinary Opinions

Commenters on the restaurant’s Instagram post rallied behind Bottega Prelibato’s decision, applauding their commitment to serving carbonara in its traditional form.

The move received support from patrons who appreciated the eatery’s adherence to the authentic Italian way of preparing the dish, showcasing a mix of opinions and culinary preferences among customers.

Historical Ties and Culinary Debates

The origins of carbonara remain debated, often associated with Rome and the Lazio region in Italy, while also being linked to Neapolitan origins and American influences from GIs. The dish’s history reflects diverse theories, ranging from a traditional workers’ meal to an urban recipe popularized by eateries like La Carbonara in Rome, sparking debates about its true origins.

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