Kingsley Nwankwo Arrested and Remanded in Custody Over Allegations of Libel and Slander via Social Media Targeting Gtext Homes and Chairman

Arrest and Custody: Kingsley Nwankwo Faces Legal Consequences for Online Libel and Slander

In a recent turn of events, Mr. Kingsley Nwankwo has been apprehended and placed in custody by the Lagos police.

The arrest comes in response to allegations of his engagement in activities likely to cause a breach of peace, specifically through the dissemination of slanderous publications and libelous statements on social media against Gtext Homes and its Chairman.

Legal Charges: Magistrate Court Document Outlines Breach of Peace Offense

The magistrate court document reveals that Kingsley Nwankwo is accused of conducting himself in a manner that could lead to a breach of peace.

The charges state that he made slanderous publications and libelous statements on social media against Dr. Stephen Akintayo and Gtext Holdings, resulting in irreparable loss before clients, amounting to millions of Naira.

Armed Guard and Return to Custody: Trial Dates Set for February 2024

Transported from custody to the court under heavy armed guard, Kingsley Nwankwo faced trial, and subsequently, the magistrate court fixed the commencement of proceedings for February 12 to 14, 2024.

Following this, he was returned to custody to await the upcoming legal proceedings.

Petition Origins: Gtext Homes Files Official Complaint Against Nwankwo

The arrest follows an official petition filed by Gtext Homes against Kingsley Nwankwo, accusing him of making slanderous publications and libelous statements through social media and blogs targeting the company and its chairman.

Legal Approval and Preliminary Hearing: DPP Green Lights Prosecution

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) gave legal approval for the case, leading to a preliminary hearing at the Magistrate Court in Ikoyi.

The case, initiated with an arraignment on November 29, 2023, signifies a step toward seeking justice for the alleged online attacks.

Bail and Unfulfilled Conditions: Nwankwo Unable to Meet Bail Terms

During the preliminary hearing, Kingsley Nwankwo was granted bail, contingent upon specific conditions.

However, sources indicate that he was unable to fulfill the bail conditions, leading to his continued custody.

Police Action: Safeguarding Businesses from Online Mischief

As the case unfolds, it is evident that the Nigerian police is taking steps to ensure the safety of businesses and their owners, both in the online and offline spheres.

The swift arrest and prosecution of Mr. Nwankwo highlight the commitment to enabling business owners to seek legal redress promptly when targeted by mischief makers.

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