Whoopi Goldberg’s Playful Collapse and Taylor Swift’s ‘Argylle’ Conspiracy on The View

Whoopi Goldberg’s Playful Collapse and Taylor Swift’s ‘Argylle’ Conspiracy on The View

In a light-hearted moment on The View, Whoopi Goldberg jokingly collapses when co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin brings up Taylor Swift again.

The playful exchange follows Whoopi’s critique of ‘toxically masculine’ men criticizing Taylor’s presence at boyfriend Travis Kelce’s football games.

Alyssa’s Taylor Swift Mention:

During a discussion about the movie “Argylle” with Bryce Dallas Howard, Alyssa brings up Taylor Swift, reigniting the ongoing conspiracy theory that Taylor is the author behind the Argylle film.

Whoopi, Alyssa, and Joy Behar react with amusement to the theory.

Highlighting Alyssa’s mention of Taylor Swift sets the stage for the playful collapse and the subsequent discussion about the conspiracy theory.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s Clarification:

Bryce Dallas Howard addresses the Taylor Swift conspiracy, confirming that Taylor is not the author of Argylle.

She emphasizes Taylor’s hard work and clarifies the mystery surrounding the novelist Elly Conway.

Bryce shares director Matthew Vaughn’s reaction to the conspiracy and asserts that Taylor Swift did not write the book.

Bryce’s clarification adds a layer of authenticity to the discussion, dispelling the conspiracy theory and providing insights into the movie’s creation.

Joy’s Reaction and Alyssa’s Joke:

After Bryce’s clarification, Joy Behar expresses a humorous exasperation with the recurring Taylor Swift topic.

Alyssa jokingly mentions that she tries to incorporate Taylor Swift into every segment, adding a playful touch to the ongoing banter.

Joy’s reaction and Alyssa’s joke contribute to the comedic atmosphere, acknowledging the persistence of Taylor Swift in the conversation.

Discussion on Football Fans’ Anger:

The conversation shifts to the anger of football fans at Taylor Swift’s brief appearances during broadcasts when supporting Travis Kelce.

Whoopi questions the disproportionate anger, criticizing the ‘toxically masculine’ reaction.

Joy emphasizes the need for therapy and understanding beyond traditional gender norms.

The shift to the discussion on football fans’ anger adds depth to the segment, exploring societal reactions to Taylor Swift’s public presence.

Sara Haines’ Commentary:

Co-host Sara Haines provides additional commentary, linking Taylor’s fame, power, and support for Travis Kelce.

The discussion hints at the upcoming Super Bowl, where Travis Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, will play against the San Francisco 49ers.

Sara Haines’ commentary brings context to Taylor Swift’s role as a public figure and supporter of her boyfriend, connecting the discussion to a major sports event.


The segment concludes with a mix of humor, celebrity intrigue, and societal commentary, showcasing The View’s ability to navigate diverse topics in an engaging manner.

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