Killer Yoga Teacher Kaitlin Armstrong Presents Emotionless Image in New Mugshot

In the latest mugshot from Lucile Plane State Jail in Dayton, Texas, Kaitlin Armstrong, the yoga teacher convicted of murder, appears emotionless.

The 36-year-old, sentenced to 90 years for fatally shooting Moriah Wilson, her love rival, displays a steely gaze while donning a white top.

Her notoriety stems from the crime committed in a fit of jealousy after discovering Wilson’s relationship with Armstrong’s boyfriend during a temporary breakup.

Armstrong’s projected release date is an astonishing March 2112, and her inmate profile specifies ineligibility for visitation, with parole out of reach until 2052.

The new mugshot captures her infamously wavy locks tucked behind her ears, offering a glimpse into the emotionless demeanor she maintains behind bars.

The disturbing details of Armstrong’s crime involve stalking Wilson at a friend’s home, culminating in a fatal shooting.

Prosecutors had advocated for a minimum of 40 years, but Armstrong, rejecting a plea deal, faced a jury trial and received a 90-year sentence.

The anonymous source revealed that Armstrong could have had an earlier release with a different decision.

Notably, Armstrong attempted to escape custody 19 days before her trial, prompting her recapture.

Earlier, she fled to Costa Rica using her sister’s passport after police questioning.

During her time on the run, Armstrong underwent plastic surgery, spending almost $7,000 to alter her appearance.

The convicted murderer now faces an additional felony charge for her escape attempt.

This gripping saga exposes the darker side of Armstrong’s actions, from the heinous crime to her desperate attempts to elude justice.

The new mugshot serves as a stark reminder of the consequences she faces for her violent and jealous act.