Ashabi Simple Reveals Envy Amidst Love with Fiancé Portable

Envy in Love: Ashabi Simple’s Confession

In a recent interview with Punch, Akinyanju Omobolarinde, popularly known as Ashabi Simple, and the fiancée of the controversial artist Portable, candidly admitted to feeling envious when witnessing her fiancé with other women.

Despite Portable’s demanding schedule as the ‘Zazuu’ singer, Ashabi highlighted that he remains devoted to making time for her.

She emphasized Portable’s protective nature when it comes to their relationship.

Navigating the Challenges of Stardom

Ashabi acknowledged the challenges that come with Portable’s superstar status, expressing that envy surfaces occasionally.

However, she reminded herself of the reality that comes with being in a relationship with a renowned figure.

Despite the occasional envy, she commended Portable’s openness, valuing honesty over secrecy in their relationship.

Beyond Material Wealth: Love and Independence

Dispelling notions of being with Portable solely for material gain, Ashabi asserted that their relationship is not driven by financial considerations.

She emphasized that Portable is not coerced into actions, and her independence and self-sufficiency are evident in her personal achievements.

Reflecting on her journey, Ashabi shared her diverse work experiences, ranging from being a bus conductor and bartender to venturing into jewelry sales and later pursuing filmmaking.

Admiration for Portable’s Dedication

Ashabi expressed deep admiration for Portable’s dedication to his craft.

Describing him as vibrant and full of energy, she clarified that her aspirations are not grounded in competition but rather in personal growth.

Viewing Portable as a mentor and someone she looks up to, Ashabi appreciates his enduring energy and commitment to the entertainment industry despite achieving success.

Insights into Love and Partnership

The interview provides a glimpse into the dynamics of Ashabi Simple’s relationship with Portable, offering insights into the challenges, love, and mutual admiration that characterize their journey together.

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