Kaitlin Armstrong’s Failed Prison Escape Plot Unveiled in Court

Kaitlin Armstrong’s Failed Prison Escape Plot Unveiled in Court

In a shocking revelation during court proceedings, it was disclosed that Kaitlin Armstrong, the former yoga teacher accused of killing her boyfriend’s cyclist ex-lover, had allegedly devised an elaborate plan to escape from prison.

The plan involved faking a leg injury to secure offsite medical appointments as a guise for her escape.

A Devious Escape Scheme Uncovered

The 35-year-old Armstrong had requested offsite medical attention for her purported leg injury, creating an opportunity for her to break free from custody.

However, her escape attempt was thwarted, leading to further scrutiny of her actions while incarcerated.

Intense Exercise Routine and Disguises

Despite claiming a leg injury, Armstrong’s rigorous exercise regimen while in prison was documented on security footage.

Additionally, she had taken measures to disguise her identity, wearing thermal trousers under her county-issued uniform and stripping them off during a foot pursuit, making her resemble an ordinary civilian rather than an inmate.

Metal Pin and Dental Floss Discovered

An investigation of Armstrong’s cell post-escape revealed troubling findings.

Authorities discovered a metal pin that appeared to have been broken off, possibly intended for manipulating handcuffs.

This discovery raised suspicions that Armstrong had planned her escape meticulously.

Background of the Murder Case

Kaitlin Armstrong is facing charges for the alleged murder of cyclist Moriah Wilson, who had previously dated Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

The killing took place in Austin, Texas, in May 2022. After the crime, Armstrong fled to Costa Rica and underwent plastic surgery, altering her appearance.

Failed Escape and Its Consequences

The recent escape attempt occurred after Armstrong rejected a plea deal that could have reduced her sentence substantially.

Her actions during the escape led to additional charges, and she now faces even more time in prison.

Past Escape Attempts

This is not the first time Armstrong attempted to evade the charges against her.

Initially, she fled Texas for Costa Rica, using her sister’s passport and adopting different aliases. After 43 days on the run, she was captured and arrested.

Upcoming Jury Trial

Kaitlin Armstrong’s jury trial is scheduled to commence on October 30. If convicted, she could face a sentence of up to 99 years in prison.

Court records indicate that multiple subpoena applications have been filed by the state to gather information from medical centers and law enforcement agencies.

These developments shed light on the intriguing case surrounding Kaitlin Armstrong and the allegations of murder and escape attempts that have ensued.

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