Teen Driver Accused of Mowing Down Retired Cop Claims Minimal Punishment

Teen Driver’s Brazen Remark After Hit-and-Run

A teenage driver, Jesus Ayala, facing accusations of intentionally mowing down a retired police chief, Andreas Probst, shocked police officers when he bragged about being back on the streets within a month.

Ayala, 18 at the time of the incident, was arrested shortly after the alleged hit-and-run and made bold claims about his punishment while in custody.

Defiant Statements to Police: Predicting a Slap on the Wrist

During his interaction with Las Vegas police officers, Ayala boldly declared, “You think this juvenile [expletive] is gonna do some [expletive]? I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet you.”

He expressed confidence that the hit-and-run would result in a mere “slap on the wrist,” even before officers had discussed the accident with him. His audacious remarks were captured on police body cameras.

Discovery of Disturbing Footage: A Chilling Revelation

While initially arrested for a warrant and obstructing a peace officer, investigators stumbled upon disturbing footage on Ayala’s phone.

The video depicted the hit-and-run incident involving Andreas Probst. Another video showed a Kia Soul striking a cyclist, with Ayala seemingly recording the footage as a passenger.

Ayala displayed no remorse upon his arrest and now faces a total of 18 charges, including murder.

Alleged Deliberate Act: Hit-and-Run on Retired Cop

Ayala stands accused of intentionally striking Andreas Probst with a stolen Hyundai Elantra while the retired police chief was riding his bicycle on an empty highway in Las Vegas.

The incident occurred around 6 am on August 14. Ayala’s passenger, 16-year-old Jzamir Keys, allegedly filmed the distressing attack, taunting the retired cop as they collided with him.

Arraignment of Accused Teens: Court Appearance

Both Ayala and Keys appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court for their arraignment, clad in navy blue Clark County Detention Center uniforms.

During the court appearance, Ayala, known for his distinct face tattoo, remained silent.

Impact on Families and Community: Mixed Reactions

Ayala’s mother expressed uncertainty about her son’s actions, unable to comprehend the reasons behind them.

In contrast, Keys’ mother vowed to tell his “side of the story” as the truth, countering potential inaccuracies portrayed by the media.

During earlier court hearings, emotions ran high among relatives of the accused, with tears and visible distress on display.

Previous Legal Issues: Troubled Backgrounds

Both Ayala and Keys have troubled backgrounds. Ayala’s history includes involvement in the juvenile criminal system, while Keys was placed in the child welfare system at a young age.

Keys’ mother faced child abuse charges in 2016 when her five children were found home alone without access to food and other concerning conditions.

Tying the Teens to Other Incidents: A Spree of Hit-and-Runs

Police authorities have linked the teenagers to at least three other hit-and-run incidents on the same day as the fatal encounter with Andreas Probst.

The alleged slaying of the retired police chief in a stolen vehicle marked the conclusion of this disturbing spree.

Heartbreaking Loss: Victim’s Daughter Speaks Out

Taylor Probst, the daughter of Andreas Probst, referred to her father as a man of honor and integrity with over 35 years of service in law enforcement.

She expressed devastation over his senseless murder and called on the District Attorney’s office to pursue the harshest legal consequences for the accused, emphasizing that “lives of others matter.”

Conclusion: A Startling Case of Audacious Criminal Behavior

The audacity of Jesus Ayala’s statements to police, coupled with the disturbing video evidence, paints a chilling picture of this alleged hit-and-run incident.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits justice for the retired police chief, while both families involved grapple with the repercussions of the accused teens’ actions.

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