Humza Yousaf Hopes for Minimal Spending on King’s Coronation

Humza Yousaf Hopes for Minimal Spending on King’s Coronation

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Humza Yousaf, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), hopes that the spending on the upcoming King’s coronation will be kept to a minimum.


While Yousaf believes that an independent Scotland should be a republic instead of a kingdom, he believes that it is his duty as the First Minister to represent those who think otherwise.

Yousaf and his wife Nadia El-Nakla will be traveling to Westminster Abbey, where he will pledge the oath to the King during the ceremony.

Yousaf’s Attire and Reflections on Monarchy

Yousaf, who has Scottish and Pakistani heritage, will be wearing a kilt and a designer jacket that reflects his cultural background.

He acknowledges that the King’s coronation is a historic moment. However, he adds that it is no surprise that he is not a fan of the monarchy.

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Despite this, he believes that his job as the First Minister requires him to represent all Scots.


Spending and Priorities

Operation Golden Orb, the crowning of Charles and the Queen Consort, is predicted to cost the UK between £50 million to £100 million.

When asked about the spending on the event, Yousaf said that there must be a coronation since the UK has a monarchy.

However, he hopes that the spending on the event can be minimized.

Yousaf’s focus is on ensuring that every penny spent by the Scottish Government is directed towards reducing poverty.

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Transition to a Republic

Yousaf also notes that the transition from a kingdom to a republic is not an immediate priority for an independent Scotland.

He states that the SNP would first have to discuss the issue within the party.


He acknowledges that the SNP has other issues to confront, such as the governance and transparency review.

However, he hopes that the party will make progress on these issues.

Analysis and Commentaries

Humza Yousaf’s statements reflect the challenges of balancing personal beliefs and political duties.

As the leader of a party that advocates for Scottish independence, Yousaf’s position on the monarchy is not surprising.

However, as the First Minister of Scotland, he recognizes that he must represent all Scots, including those who support the monarchy.

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Yousaf’s emphasis on minimizing spending on the coronation is also noteworthy.

The high cost of the event has raised concerns among many citizens.


As poverty remains a pressing issue in Scotland, Yousaf’s focus on directing resources towards reducing poverty is commendable.

Finally, Yousaf’s comments on the transition to a republic reflect the practicalities of political change.

While the SNP advocates for an independent Scotland, transitioning to a republic is not an immediate priority.

The party has other pressing issues to address, and discussing the transition to a republic will require careful consideration and planning.


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