Kenny Kunene Appointed Acting Mayor in the City of Johannesburg

Kenny Kunene Appointed Acting Mayor in the City of Johannesburg

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Kunene Assumes Role During Mayor’s Absence in Cape Town

Kenny Kunene, Deputy President of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), has been appointed as the Acting Mayor in the City of Johannesburg.


The appointment took effect on Sunday, May 14.

Kunene, who also serves as the Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Roads and Transport, will act as Mayor for a period of two days while Mayor Gwamanda is away in Cape Town on government business.

The delegation of authority was conveyed through a letter from Mayor Gwamanda to Kunene, granting him the temporary position.

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The appointment of Kenny Kunene as Acting Mayor in the City of Johannesburg highlights the rotational nature of mayoral responsibilities during the absence of the incumbent.

It is common for mayors or designated council members to assume the role temporarily to ensure continuity of governance.

In this case, Kunene’s appointment is for a short period of two days, indicating the temporary nature of his role.


Legal Dispute Arises Over Allegations Against Mayor Gwamanda

In a separate development, the Democratic Alliance (DA) caucus leader in the City of Johannesburg, Dr. Mpho Phalatse, has been given 48 hours by Al Jama-ah to publicly apologize and retract her claims that Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda is involved in a scam.

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Failure to comply may result in legal action.

Mayor Gwamanda secured the position of Executive Mayor in Johannesburg with 139 votes, defeating Dr. Mpho Phalatse and ActionSA’s Funzi Ngobeni following the resignation of Thapelo Amad.

The legal dispute stemming from allegations against Mayor Gwamanda raises questions about the credibility and integrity of public officials.

Accusations of involvement in a ponzi scheme through his funeral scheme entity have been made against the mayor, leading to a demand for a public apology and retraction.

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This dispute highlights the importance of transparency and accountability within local government and the need to address allegations that may tarnish the reputation of elected officials.


Kenny Kunene’s appointment as the Acting Mayor of Johannesburg for a brief period reflects the rotational nature of mayoral responsibilities during absences.

Meanwhile, a legal dispute has emerged surrounding allegations against Mayor Gwamanda, with demands for a public apology and retraction.


These developments demonstrate the dynamic nature of local government and the challenges faced in maintaining trust and credibility among elected officials.

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