Joeboy Reveals Wizkid’s Influence on Young Artists in Nigerian Music Scene

Joeboy Reveals Wizkid’s Influence on Young Artists in Nigerian Music Scene

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Nigerian singer, Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, widely known as Joeboy, recently shared how the Grammy award-winning artist Ayo Balogun, professionally known as Wizkid, has influenced the music careers of young artists.


Speaking on the Body & Soul podcast, Joeboy emphasized that Wizkid played a crucial role in instilling belief in young artists that they could achieve stardom at a young age.

Prior to Wizkid’s emergence, it was challenging for young musicians to attain widespread recognition until much later in their careers.

Joeboy personally felt his own star potential after his initial encounter with Wizkid, acknowledging the significant impact the superstar had on the younger generation of artists.

Wizkid’s Dislike for Music Promotion: A Surprising Revelation

In a recently surfaced video from 2021, Wizkid revealed his disdain for music promotion and everything associated with press releases.

The acclaimed artist expressed this sentiment while seated comfortably in the studio, proudly mentioning some of his massive hit tracks like Ojuelegba and Holla at Your Boy.

Wizkid believes that he possesses a deep understanding of his audience’s preferences and, as a result, does not feel the need to actively promote his music.


He confidently provides his audience with exactly what they desire, negating the necessity for extensive promotional efforts.

Wizkid’s Approach to Life: A Love for Relaxation

Despite his extraordinary success, Wizkid maintains a laid-back attitude towards life.

He admits to not being inclined towards stressful situations and, instead, prefers to “chill” and take things easy.

This relaxed demeanor is reflected in his approach to music, as he creates and produces tracks while enjoying the process, without succumbing to the pressures of extensive promotion.

Wizkid’s commitment to embracing a stress-free lifestyle aligns with his desire to have fun and enjoy the fruits of his labor.


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