Tubaba: The Next Generation of Artists Doesn’t Owe Me Gratitude, Says Nigerian Music Icon

Tubaba: The Next Generation of Artists Doesn’t Owe Me Gratitude, Says Nigerian Music Icon

In a recent interview with broadcaster Adesope Olajide for the afrobeats podcast, Innocent Idibia, a renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter known by his stage name Tubaba, discussed his perspective on the next generation of artists and their relationship to his legacy.

Tubaba, celebrated for his hit song “African Queen,” expressed that he doesn’t expect the emerging artists to owe him gratitude for their success.

He acknowledged that while he appreciates when young artists honor him in recognition of his legendary status, he firmly believes that such recognition is not obligatory.

Tubaba’s stance centers on the idea that an artist’s success is primarily a result of their hard work, talent, and dedication.

He encourages the new generation of artists to focus on carving their unique paths in the music industry and to prioritize creating their own legacies.

Tubaba emphasized that he wants emerging artists to be free from the burden of feeling obligated to pay homage to him and instead encourages them to pursue their artistic visions without constraint.

During the interview, Tubaba also reflected on the growth and global acclaim of Afrobeat music.

He stressed the significance of artists staying true to their cultural roots while also embracing innovative sounds and collaborations that can expand the genre’s reach on a global scale.

In his words, Tubaba highlighted that artists should draw inspiration from various sources, including his own work, but ultimately use that inspiration to elevate themselves and craft their distinct narratives.

In closing, Tubaba’s message reflects a spirit of empowerment for the next generation of artists.

He underscores the importance of artistic authenticity, individuality, and self-driven success, encouraging artists to recognize their own potential and contributions to the industry without feeling indebted to any one figure, including himself.

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