Jewish New Yorkers Rally for Ceasefire at Statue of Liberty Amid Nationwide Protests

On Monday, there were three different anti-war protests that occurred throughout the US.

A cease-fire was demanded by Jewish New Yorkers at the Statue of Liberty.

A crowd protesting supplies to Israel demonstrated at the Boeing facility in St. Charles, Missouri, and targeted a US ship near Tacoma, Washington.

On Monday, anti-war protests broke out in Missouri, Washington, and New York City, among other US cities.

500 or more Jewish New Yorkers gathered around the Statue of Liberty and demanded a cease-fire.

A pro-Palestine crowd marched to the streets of Washington in an effort to halt a US assistance ship that they said was carrying supplies and weaponry for Israel.

Another demonstration occurred outside a Boeing plant in St. Charles, Missouri, which is said to have accelerated the manufacturing of joint attack munition (JDAMs) and small diameter bombs (SDBs) for use in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The protests are in response to the House’s approval of $14.3 billion in aid to Israel, which infuriated left-wing activists who have compared civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip to a “genocide.”

Rabbis led participants in song, chanting, and prayer during the Statue of Liberty takeover.

‘Not in my name’ and ‘Cease fire now’ were among the T-shirts worn by demonstrators.

‘Ceasefire’ and ‘Palestinians should be free’ were among the placards they carried.

Before the event concluded and some of the participants boarded a ferry to return to Manhattan, they occupied the historic monument for roughly twenty minutes.

“This is one of the greatest symbols of New York City and our supposed commitments to universal values of liberty, freedom, and respite,” Assemblymember Zoharn Mamdani told Intelligencer.

The Tacoma group barricaded the entrance of the US Ready Reserve Fleet ship Cape Orlando, which is a roll-on/roll-off vessel.

They allege that the ship is going to be loaded with military hardware and weaponry for Israel.

Pro-Palestine demonstrators protested against all aid to Israel by marching around holding signs and flags and yelling, “Block the boat.”

‘Biden, Biden, you can’t hide, we accuse you with genocide,’ went another chorus.

More than a hundred demonstrators turned out while they waited for the ship to load, according to KOMO News.

The group brandished banners that read “WE MOURN” with the names of the dead written on them and another that said “Boeing Arms Genocide” while shouting over a loudhailer during the protest at the Boeing plant in St. Charles.

Boeing manufactures JDAM kits, which are intended to convert bombs into weapons directed by GPS.

According to Bloomberg, the St. Charles plant has increased the rate at which more than 1,000 kits are produced.

Boeing representatives have stated that in order to “ensure the safety of the demonstrators, employees, and community members,” they are collaborating with local law enforcement.

A man approached the group of protestors in front of the facility and booed them in their faces, totaling about 75 people.

While he was berating them, he also pulled out his phone to record the demonstration.

On October 7, the terrorist group Hamas launched a devastating attack on Israel that resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 persons and the kidnapping of over 200 hostages.

Since then, Israel has been at war with Palestine, launching its strongest offensive against Gaza, resulting in the deaths of over 9,000 Palestinians.

Protesters gathered outside the same ship on Friday morning at the Port of Oakland, prompting the protest of the Cape Orlando vessel in Washington.

Protesters tried to stop the ship from leaving by demonstrating over a fence line, and the US Coast Guard is currently looking into the incident.

Some chose to go so far as to climb the ship’s pilot ladder and mess with its mooring lines, while others chose to organise a sit-in.

According to The Maritime Executive, local officials requested assistance from Coast Guard crew members and boarding teams to remove the demonstrators from the dock.

Some of them reportedly chained themselves to the ship and waved Palestine flags while warning other cities in the nation about ships that might be carrying similar goods.

On Friday, the demonstrators from Oakland lamented the innocent lives lost in Gaza as a result of the fighting and called for a truce.

On Friday, hundreds of pro-Palestine demonstrators gathered at London’s King Cross Station, sparking yet another round of protests.

In an effort to “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine,” several thousand more demonstrators blocked a portion of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York on Saturday.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, an Israeli strike on an ambulance convoy on Friday resulted in hundreds of deaths.

After Democrats broke party lines to back the Republican drive, the House this week passed a bill to provide emergency funding to Israel to aid in its effort to destroy Hamas.

By a vote of 226 to 196, the $14.3 billion bill was approved with 12 Democratic votes and two Republican votes.

On the Republican side, Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia voted against the bill.

Democrats’ demands that aid be connected to Ukraine and their objections to the bill’s pay-for—which repurposes funds intended for the IRS—mean that the bill’s chances of passing the Senate are probably slim to none.

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