Police Bodycam Captures Farmer Dragging Dog Behind Car

Cruelty Caught on Camera

Police bodycam footage has revealed the shocking arrest of Kim Norman Rendall, a farmer caught driving with his dog tethered to his car and subsequently dumping the injured pet.

The video captures the arrest while Rendall was halfway through a haircut, shedding light on his inhumane actions that resulted in severe injuries to his white husky named Daisy.

Horrific Incident Details

Rendall, 65, received a suspended sentence after dragging Daisy for around 200 meters tied with a rope in High Littleton, near Bath.

The dog suffered severe injuries, eventually leading to her being put to sleep. Despite multiple witnesses attempting to stop Rendall during the incident, he callously ignored their attempts to intervene and refused to seek help for Daisy.

Legal Sentencing and Reactions

Sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, along with community service, a substantial fine, and a lengthy disqualification from owning animals, Rendall’s sentencing provoked reactions from supporters of Daisy, demanding justice.

The judge emphasized Rendall’s reckless actions and lack of regard for Daisy’s welfare, considering his behavior as deliberately obstructing authorities from providing medical aid.

Impact on Witnesses and Officers

Witnesses to the incident expressed severe distress, with one individual requiring medication due to shock. PC Natalie Cosgrove, deeply affected by Daisy’s suffering, described the injuries as the worst she had encountered, expressing profound sympathy and trauma for the dog’s agony.

Conclusion: Impact and Lasting Effects

The incident, captured on police bodycam and highlighted during court proceedings, showcased the extent of the cruelty inflicted on Daisy, leading to her untimely demise.

The emotional impact on witnesses, officers, and the community at large underscores the severity of the crime and the need for justice in cases of animal cruelty.