James Blunt’s Candid Confessions: Vodka Saunas and Hallucinogenic Fig Trees

James Blunt’s Candid Confessions: Vodka Saunas and Hallucinogenic Fig Trees

James Blunt’s Sauna Secrets

In his new memoir, Loosely Based On A Made-Up Story, James Blunt unveils an unusual practice he adopts in his sauna – pouring vodka onto the coals to produce “boozy steam.”

The singer, known for hits like “You’re Beautiful,” is known for his candid storytelling, but this revelation about his sauna habits is certainly unexpected.

Fig Trees and Liquid Acid

Blunt doesn’t stop at boozy saunas.

He shares another intriguing anecdote from his life, recounting how he spent a considerable sum on liquid acid to nurture his fig trees.

His aim? To grow “hallucinogenic fruit.”

It’s a quirky endeavor that highlights Blunt’s penchant for unique experiences and experimentation.

James Blunt’s Military Service

In addition to his more eccentric escapades, Blunt reflects on his time in the Army, where he served in Kosovo.

He vividly recalls a dangerous situation where his troop was under rocket fire and informed that it would take 45 minutes for “air support” to arrive.

In a surprising twist, he phoned his father, Colonel Charles Blount, who was the head of the Army Air Corps, and two Apache helicopter gunships were on the scene in less than five minutes.

Blunt’s matter-of-fact account of this episode raises questions about privilege, to which he responds that his comrades encouraged him to “make the call.”

Blunt’s Candid Self-Reflection

James Blunt doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the public’s mixed reactions to him over the years.

He admits to a certain level of naivety when he transitioned from boarding school and the Army to the music industry.

While some might not have liked him, he reflects on how it helped him stay grounded and appreciate the challenges he faced.


James Blunt’s memoir is an intriguing peek into the life of a famous artist.

His candidness about unusual habits, military experiences, and self-reflection adds depth to his public persona.

While some may find his stories unconventional, they provide an intimate and authentic look into the world of a celebrated musician.

The revelation about vodka-infused saunas, in particular, adds an amusing and unexpected dimension to his image.

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