Helen Paul Exposes Boss’s Attempt to Meddle in Her Marriage: A Comedienne’s Candid Confessions

Helen Paul Exposes Boss’s Attempt to Meddle in Her Marriage: A Comedienne’s Candid Confessions

Helen Paul Reveals Boss’s Attempt to Discourage Her Marriage and Workplace Disapproval

Popular Nigerian comedienne Helen Paul recently disclosed personal challenges during an interview on The Honest Bunch podcast.

She opened up about her boss’s attempt to discourage her husband from marrying her and workplace disapproval.

Boss’s Interference:

Helen revealed that her boss went to the extent of calling her husband, Femi Bamisile, expressing concerns about their relationship.

During the podcast, she shared the shocking incident, quoting her boss saying, “Femi, is it that kind of Helen you want to date? You’re more than this.”

Despite the interference, Helen’s husband responded humorously and firmly, stating, “No, if you want to just enjoy yourself with her, it’s OK.”

Workplace Disapproval:

Another incident Helen highlighted was the disapproval she faced from her Human Resources (HR) department when she introduced her husband to her workplace at TVC.

She recounted the judgmental remarks from her HR, who looked at Femi and commented, “Look at how clean you are, a lawyer, why the choice of Helen?”

Comments on Workplace Challenges:

Helen Paul’s revelations shed light on the challenges individuals might face in their personal lives due to workplace scrutiny and interference.

The podcast exposes the intrusive nature of comments on personal relationships, emphasizing the need for boundaries in professional spaces.

Humorous Response and Resilience:

Helen’s husband’s humorous response and her resilience in the face of workplace disapproval reflect a strong marital bond and the ability to navigate challenges with humor.

The openness in sharing these experiences also adds a layer of relatability for those who may have faced similar situations.


Helen Paul’s candid revelations provide insight into the intersection of personal and professional challenges.

The incidents she shared highlight the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining personal space, even in the public eye.

The resilience displayed by Helen and her husband serves as an inspiring example of overcoming external pressures in a marriage.

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