A Widow’s Grave Near Home: Emotional Rollercoaster for Retired Miner Released on Good Behavior

A Widow’s Grave Near Home: Emotional Rollercoaster for Retired Miner Released on Good Behavior

David Hunter, a retired miner and British expat living in Cyprus, was released from custody after being sentenced to two years in prison for the manslaughter of his seriously ill wife, Janice, with whom he had spent 52 years of marriage.


The 76-year-old was relieved to walk free just 15 minutes after the court’s ruling at Paphos District Court, thanks to the time he had already served and his good behavior.

Although he had initially feared a longer sentence, he expressed gratitude for his unexpected release.

Living in Cyprus: A Bittersweet New Home

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding his freedom, Mr. Hunter has found a new home in the same Cypriot village where he and his wife lived until their passing.

Expressing mixed emotions, he revealed that his new residence is located a mere 200 meters from his wife’s grave.


While he may cherish the proximity to her final resting place, there is still lingering pain from missing her funeral procession by mere seconds due to the police’s insistence on moving him through the village without stopping.

A Heartbreaking Loss and Attempts to Cope

The loss of his beloved wife was an overwhelming blow for Mr. Hunter.

The retired miner admitted that he had attempted to take his own life after her death, unable to bear the thought of living without her.

During their 16 years of retirement in Cyprus, they had experienced some of the happiest moments of their lives before Janice fell seriously ill with a rare form of blood cancer.

A Heart-Wrenching Request: Assisted Dying

In a poignant revelation during an interview, Mr. Hunter disclosed that his wife, Janice, had pleaded with him to assist in ending her life during her last few weeks.


Overwhelmed by her pain and suffering, she desperately asked him to help her find peace. However, he refused, fearing he would cause her further harm.

Despite his initial refusal, Janice persisted, her pain and desperation increasing, and she tearfully begged him to grant her request.

The Aftermath: Haunted by Regret and Nightmares

The weight of his wife’s illness and her eventual passing still haunts Mr. Hunter.

The decision he had to make has left him grappling with guilt and remorse.

He has since experienced several nightmares, likely reliving the tragic events that unfolded.


In the aftermath of this heart-wrenching experience, Mr. Hunter hopes that both the British and Cypriot governments will come together to discuss a law on assisted dying.

His hope is that no one else should have to endure the pain and heartache he went through.


David Hunter’s journey from a retired miner to a prisoner, and finally to a free man, has been marked by tragedy and heartbreak.

The pain of losing his wife, coupled with the burden of her plea for assisted dying, weighs heavily on him.

Despite his release, he continues to grapple with the emotional aftermath of his actions, hoping that his experience will lead to discussions on end-of-life choices and a potential law on assisted dying to prevent others from experiencing a similar ordeal.



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