Resenting My Deceased Sister: A Woman’s Heartfelt Confession

In a Reddit post that has garnered significant attention and support, a woman identified as Sarah shared the deep-seated resentment she has felt toward her deceased sister throughout her life.

The story revolves around a series of emotional events, culminating in a particularly painful moment during her wedding. Sarah’s heartfelt confession sheds light on the complex dynamics within her family and the lasting impact of her sister’s tragic passing.

Sarah’s Unresolved Resentment

Sarah, believed to be residing in the US, took to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) thread to express the resentment she has carried for her late sister.

She painted a picture of a family marked by a tumultuous history, with her mother’s focus on the departed sibling casting a shadow over her life.

The story revolves around the pivotal moment of her wedding, where Sarah’s resentment reached its breaking point.

A Wedding Marred by Grief

Sarah detailed the circumstances surrounding her wedding, describing how her husband’s parents delivered a touching speech that moved both of them to tears. However, when her own parents took the platform, Sarah’s expectations were shattered.

Her mother, fixated on the memory of her deceased daughter, began a speech that turned the event into a tribute to her late sibling.

A Mother’s Grief Takes Center Stage

Sarah explained how her mother’s focus on her late daughter persisted for years, even on occasions like Sarah’s birthday.

However, it was her wedding day that proved to be the final straw. Her mother’s speech revolved entirely around her grief and the life her late daughter never had the chance to live. The emotional climax left Sarah feeling furious and disheartened.

Silent Protest and Family Fallout

During her mother’s speech, Sarah refrained from applauding, and her fiancé followed suit.

After the wedding, she chose not to confront her mother, leading to weeks of silence. Recent events unfolded as her mother arrived at the couple’s apartment, demanding answers.

Sarah’s reaction and her family’s response led to a significant fallout, with her fiancé’s family offering their support while her own family expressed their disapproval.

Overwhelming Support

Sarah’s story struck a chord with Reddit users, who flooded the comments with messages of support. Many emphasized the unfairness of Sarah being overshadowed by her late sister and her parents’ apparent favoritism.

They commended her for standing up for herself and her desire for her wedding day to be about her.

The consensus was that grief should not be an excuse to neglect the living.


Sarah’s poignant confession sheds light on the lasting impact of unresolved family dynamics and the complexity of dealing with the grief of a lost loved one.

Her experience resonated with many, who recognized the importance of ensuring that one’s wedding day is a celebration of the couple rather than a reminder of past pain.

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