Tragic Discovery of Deceased Man Sheds Light on Neglected Elderly

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. The recent discovery of a deceased man in his home, six years after his death, has brought attention to the distressing reality faced by many elderly individuals who live alone and lack the care and support they need.


Robert Alton, aged 76, was found in his flat on March 9 when his landlord obtained a court order to enter the property and inspect the gas supply.


The tragic story of Robert Alton emphasizes the unfortunate circumstances in which many elderly people find themselves, isolated and without anyone to look out for them.

An inquest determined that Mr. Alton likely passed away in 2017.

Noel Sharpe, the CEO of Bolton at Home housing association, expressed their deep concern, stating that such a situation is completely unacceptable.

When the police finally entered Mr. Alton’s home, they found a pile of unopened mail at the door, and inside the living room, a newspaper dated 2017 and a television guide from May 4 of that year.

Residents living in the same street as Mr. Alton have voiced their shock and questioned how such a tragic event could occur in an ostensibly normal area.


Local councillor Linda Thomas conveyed her devastation, describing it as heart-wrenching to think of someone dying alone.

She emphasized the detrimental effects of isolation and underscored the importance of checking on neighbors regularly to ensure their well-being.

Neighbours described Mr. Alton as a well-spoken gentleman.

One resident mentioned limited interactions, only exchanging greetings with him on a few occasions, while another thought he had moved out after not seeing him for a while.

The passage of time since his death and the turnover of residents in the flats has contributed to the lack of knowledge about Mr. Alton among the neighbors.

Bolton at Home, responsible for managing the housing, acknowledged their shortcomings in ensuring Mr. Alton’s welfare.

Following the inquest, the organization apologized for missed opportunities to investigate his unresponsiveness and expressed their regret for not doing more to check on him.

CEO Noel Sharpe stated that Bolton at Home had made numerous attempts over the years to contact Mr. Alton for gas safety checks, but received no response.


He admitted that their previous procedures, while meeting legal requirements, were not robust enough to prevent such an incident.

As a result, Bolton at Home revised their policy in July 2022 to always seek legal warrants when tenants cannot be contacted for gas supply checks.

It was this change that ultimately led to the discovery of Mr. Alton’s body, as revealed during the inquest.

In their statement, Bolton at Home acknowledged missed opportunities in recognizing that something was amiss and admitted to not going far enough in investigating the reason for Mr. Alton’s lack of response.


The tragic case of Robert Alton, discovered deceased in his home six years after his passing, sheds light on the dire circumstances faced by many elderly individuals living in isolation.

The incident underscores the importance of community engagement and support for vulnerable neighbors.

Bolton at Home’s acknowledgement of their failures and subsequent policy changes indicate a necessary step toward ensuring the safety and welfare of their tenants.

This unfortunate event serves as a reminder to society to prioritize care and attention for those living alone and isolated, highlighting the significance of community connections and regular check-ins to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.


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