Donald Trump’s Fiery Testimony in $250 Million Fraud Trial

Former President Donald Trump concluded his testimony in a $250 million fraud trial with strong words directed at New York’s attorney general and the presiding judge.

He accused the case of being a ‘witch hunt’ orchestrated by a ‘hostile judge.’ This contentious trial has witnessed confrontations, legal scolding, and emotional outbursts from Trump as he defended himself against allegations of inflating asset values to secure loans.

The former president’s combative appearance left an indelible mark on the proceedings.

Trump’s Parting Shots

As Donald Trump wrapped up his testimony, he didn’t hold back in expressing his criticisms.

He accused New York Attorney General Letitia James of spending time on his trial while ignoring pressing issues such as public safety.

Trump also reiterated his claim of having a net worth of $2.5 billion to back a loan through Deutsche Bank, asserting that he was wealthier than his financial statements suggested.

His testimony lasted around four hours and ended with a scathing assessment of the trial.

Fierce Confrontations and Scolding

During his testimony, Trump repeatedly lost his temper and engaged in confrontations with Justice Arthur Engoron and AG Letitia James.

He called James a ‘hack’ pursuing him for political gain and described Judge Engoron as a ‘fraud.’ Engoron scolded Trump on multiple occasions and even threatened to remove him from the court if his legal team couldn’t control him.

The intense exchanges characterized Trump’s appearance.

Highlights of Trump’s Testimony

Trump defended himself by asserting that he had signed loan agreements as presented by Kevin Wallace, a lawyer from James’ team, and met the terms of these agreements.

He emphasized that banks were content with these arrangements. Trump insisted that the valuations he’s accused of inflating are actually lower than the true asset values and argued that there were ‘no victims’ of the alleged fraud.

He reiterated the ‘disclaimer clause,’ which, according to him, instructed banks to conduct their due diligence. Trump’s final remarks included seeking a mistrial.

Claims of Undervaluation

The former president highlighted the value of Mar-a-Lago, which had been presented in court documents as worth over $500 million.

Trump passionately contended that the club is currently valued at ‘between $1 billion and $1.5 billion,’ countering Judge Engoron’s assertion that it was overvalued by ‘at least 2,300 percent.’

Trump maintained that he is worth ‘billions of dollars more’ than his financial statements suggest.

Judge’s Scolding and Threats

Judge Engoron admonished Trump for not answering questions directly and criticized his lengthy responses.

He even threatened to remove the ex-president from the court if he continued to disrupt proceedings. The judge emphasized the need for Trump to answer questions and discouraged irrelevant comments.

Trump’s Political Remarks and Polls

Before entering the courtroom, Trump made political remarks, mentioning the ongoing conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, rising inflation, and his position in the polls.

He described the trial as a political maneuver to hinder his possible 2024 presidential bid. He repeatedly expressed his belief that the case is a ‘scam’ and criticized both Judge Engoron and AG James for ‘election interference.’

Upcoming Witnesses

Following Trump’s testimony, the next witness in the attorney general’s office’s case is Ivanka Trump, the former president’s daughter.

Her testimony is expected to be significant in this high-profile trial.

Trump’s Persistent Criticisms

Throughout the trial, Trump has consistently criticized Judge Engoron, calling him a ‘wacko’ and ‘Democratic operative.’

He has also accused Attorney General James of engaging in ‘ELECTION INTERFERENCE,’ asserting that her actions are politically motivated to prevent his return to the presidency.


Donald Trump’s testimony in this high-stakes fraud trial has been marked by fiery exchanges and strong statements. As the trial continues, it remains to be seen how the court and the public will perceive these confrontations and the former president’s defense against the allegations.

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