Three Palestinians Killed in West Bank Hospital Raid, Army Claims Hamas Terrorist Cell Connection

Three Palestinians Killed in West Bank Hospital Raid, Army Claims Hamas Terrorist Cell Connection

Israeli Forces Undercover Operation Turns Deadly in West Bank Hospital Raid:

In a pre-dawn operation, Israeli undercover troops entered the Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin, resulting in the shooting deaths of three Palestinians.

The Palestinian health ministry condemned the incident as an act of occupation.

Assassination in Hospital:

Hospital director Naji Nazzal reported that a group of Israeli forces entered the facility undercover, utilizing silenced weapons to assassinate the three men.

The victims were identified as Muhammad Jalamnah, Muhammad Ayman Ghazawi, and Basel Ayman Ghazawi.

Army Claims ‘Terrorist Cell’ Connection:

The Israeli army asserted that the three Palestinians belonged to a Hamas “terrorist cell.” Jalamnah, identified as a Hamas terrorist, was allegedly planning a terror attack, prompting the undercover operation.

The army defended the use of force, stating it was necessary to neutralize the threat.

Controversy Surrounding Hospital Raid:

The operation took place in the hospital’s rehabilitation ward, where Basel Ghazawi was undergoing treatment.

The method of the raid, involving undercover forces and the use of silencers, stirred controversy and condemnation.

Hamas Denies Allegations:

While the Israeli army labeled Jalamnah as a significant figure involved in terrorist activities, Hamas denied the allegations.

The group argued that the Israeli forces targeted the Palestinians without proper justification, raising concerns about the use of force in medical facilities.

Outcry and Investigation:

The incident prompted an outcry, with questions raised about the appropriateness of conducting military operations within a hospital.

The Israeli army’s justification for the raid is expected to undergo investigation as tensions escalate in the region.