Hamas Blocks Palestinians in Gaza as Israel Prepares for Major Offensive

Hamas Blocks Palestinians in Gaza as Israel Prepares for Major Offensive

“Tensions Rise as Hamas Prevents Palestinians from Fleeing Gaza”

Hamas has taken measures to block Palestinians from leaving Gaza, anticipating Israel’s impending ground invasion of the Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shared satellite images showing blockades on the safe routes out of the northern region, explicitly stating that “Hamas is forcefully preventing their civilians from relocating to southern Gaza for their own safety.”

The situation in Gaza remains tense, with Israeli forces preparing for “additional significant combat operations.”

“Israeli Forces Surround Gaza Ahead of Ground Invasion”

Israeli forces are now strategically positioned around the Gaza Strip in anticipation of the ground offensive.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with troops as Israeli army spokesperson Jonathan Conricus announced that their forces encircle Gaza from the south, center, and north.

This comes as an escalation of earlier preliminary raids into Gaza.

“Urgent Evacuation Orders Amid Humanitarian Concerns”

The IDF had given 1.1 million Gaza civilians a 24-hour ultimatum to escape to the north of the enclave, a deadline that concluded at 3 am BST.

Subsequently, Gazans were granted a brief window between 10 am and 4 pm local time (8 am to 2 pm BST) to flee via two main roads. However, this hurried evacuation has drawn criticism from the United Nations, aid groups, and allied nations who fear severe humanitarian consequences, given the limited mobility of vulnerable groups and a growing water crisis.

“Concerns Over Egypt’s Role and Gaza’s Resolve”

There is growing concern that Israel’s ultimate aim may be to push Gaza’s population out through the southern border with Egypt.

However, Egypt has been reluctant to allow a large movement of migrants through the Rafah crossing. This border was “indefinitely” closed following Israeli strikes targeting it.

Despite evacuation orders, Hamas is encouraging Gazans to remain, and some are refusing to leave, determined to “die with dignity.”

“Civilian Suffering and Humanitarian Crisis”

The conflict in Gaza has displaced around 400,000 people, with airstrikes causing immense civilian casualties.

As of Saturday, the death toll from Israeli airstrikes stands at 2,215, with thousands wounded.

Meanwhile, vital resources, including water, food, and electricity, have been cut off, and the water crisis is deepening.

Hospitals are struggling as life-saving machines face power shortages.

“International Reactions and Calls for Restraint”

International leaders have weighed in on the crisis. U.S. President Joe Biden called for the protection of civilians and urged Israel not to lose sight of the fact that the majority of Palestinians are not affiliated with Hamas.

Russia likened Israel’s siege of Gaza to the Nazi siege of Leningrad, while British leaders emphasized the need to balance Israel’s right to self-defense with civilian safety.

“Stalled Evacuation and Global Diplomacy”

The evacuation plan faced logistical challenges, and humanitarian organizations warned of its impossibility.

International bodies, including the United Nations and the World Health Organization, have called on Israel to revoke the evacuation order, fearing a humanitarian catastrophe.

As the crisis deepens, Gazans have been given little time to prepare for displacement, and humanitarian efforts are severely hampered.

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