Intoxicated Intruder Invades Home, Defecates in Cell: Court Sentences Repeat Offender

Intoxicated Intruder Invades Home, Defecates in Cell: Court Sentences Repeat Offender

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. An intoxicated stranger barged into a woman’s house, claiming it belonged to his grandmother, before collapsing on the floor.


The incident, brought to light in Swansea Crown Court, led the startled homeowner to contact the police, prompting the intruder, Lee Holt, to hastily flee the premises.

Eventually, the authorities located Holt asleep in an abandoned vehicle nearby.

The Home Invasion:

According to the prosecution, on February 4 of this year, the victim was seated in her living room on Neath Road in Swansea’s Hafod area when she heard a commotion emanating from her kitchen.

Investigating the noise, she discovered Holt inside her property.

Urging him to leave and informing him of her intention to call the police, she was met with Holt’s sudden collapse onto the floor.

Police Involvement:

Following Holt’s recovery and escape from the house, the homeowner dialed emergency services (999).


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Upon examining her kitchen door, she noticed the lock had been snapped, and her garden fence was damaged.

Law enforcement officers promptly arrived at the scene and conducted a search of the vicinity.

Eventually, they discovered the defendant sleeping in a stripped-out car nearby.

Upon awakening him, it became evident that Holt was intoxicated.

Subsequently, he was apprehended and transported to Swansea Central police station.

Disturbing Behavior in Custody:

Once confined to a cell, Holt proceeded to defecate on the floor and proceeded to smear the excrement on the glass panel door.

These disturbing actions led to additional charges against the defendant, exacerbating the gravity of his offenses.

Court Proceedings and Sentencing:

During the court hearing, Holt pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage.


However, the prosecution decided not to pursue charges of burglary and vehicle interference related to the same incident.

Holt’s extensive criminal history, consisting of 144 previous offenses and 59 convictions, was also revealed.

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His most recent conviction, from December 2021, involved shoplifting and possession of cannabis.

In his defense, Holt’s counsel expressed remorse on his behalf, acknowledging the defendant’s regrettable actions.

Judge Paul Thomas KC admonished Holt for his behavior, labeling it as that of a “complete clown.”

The judge urged Holt, a man in his mid-40s, to mature and grow up.

Despite Holt’s apparent remorse, Judge Thomas acknowledged that he had likely expressed similar regret on numerous occasions in the past.

The judge also noted a letter from Holt suggesting that he had made positive changes during his time in custody.


Taking all factors into account, Holt received a sentence of eight weeks in prison for each count of criminal damage, to be served concurrently.


The court case highlighted the disturbing incident involving an intoxicated stranger invading a woman’s home and subsequently defecating in his cell.

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Lee Holt’s actions not only led to charges of criminal damage but also revealed a history of repeated offenses.

The court, acknowledging Holt’s previous convictions and the severity of his actions, imposed a prison sentence with the hope that it would encourage personal growth and rehabilitation.


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