Butter Heist Lands Repeat Offender in Jail – Thief Steals 22 Packs While on Suspended Sentence

A repeat offender, Kieton Pearson, found himself back in court after stealing 22 packs of Lurpak butter from a Tesco Express in Houghton, Sunderland.

This incident occurred while he was already serving a suspended prison sentence for a previous shop raid involving the attempted theft of cheese.

Revisiting a Violent Shop Raid:

Last July, Pearson was caught attempting to steal cheese from Heron Foods, accompanied by threats to stab the store manager.

Despite being stopped from leaving with the cheese, he later returned to apologize.

This incident resulted in a suspended prison sentence.

Revisiting Pearson’s violent shop raid adds context to his criminal history and highlights the persistence of his criminal behavior.

The Butter Heist at Tesco Express:

In December 2023, Pearson walked out of a Tesco Express with £95 worth of Lurpak butter without making any payment.

Prosecutors revealed that he entered the Tesco store, where he was already banned, carrying his own bag and proceeded to steal the butter.

The detailed account of the butter heist provides a snapshot of Pearson’s recurring criminal activities and disregard for store bans.

Legal Proceedings and Defendant’s Background:

During legal proceedings at Newcastle Crown Court, Pearson admitted to the theft.

Prosecutor Shada Mellor explained the circumstances of the butter theft and highlighted Pearson’s troubled background.

The court heard that despite his 71 previous convictions, Pearson expressed a desire to change.

The legal proceedings section offers insight into the court’s perspective and sheds light on Pearson’s troubled background and purported intention to change.

Sentencing and Criminal History:

Despite Pearson’s troubled upbringing and expressed desire for change, he was sentenced to two months behind bars.

The defense acknowledged Pearson’s understanding of his situation.

This latest incident adds to his already extensive criminal history.

The sentencing outcome reflects the court’s decision, emphasizing the consequences of Pearson’s actions and the challenges he faces in reforming his behavior.


Kieton Pearson’s latest stint behind bars serves as a consequence of his audacious butter heist, adding another chapter to his criminal history while already serving a suspended sentence for a violent shop raid.

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