Interesting Facts About Dubai Not Many Know

Interesting Facts About Dubai Not Many Know

Dubai is a global tourist hub with abundant attractions. Take a look at some interesting facts about this emirate not many people know about!

The popular tourist destination of Dubai has everything you need for your future trip. There are seven-star luxury hotels, state-of-the-art buildings, artificial islands, well-known tourist attractions, a variety of dining and retail options, and a massive amusement complex bigger than even Disneyland. What’s best? You can even book a Dubai rental yacht service to have a luxurious experience.

To add to the excitement of your exhilarating trip to Dubai, we’ve compiled a list of amazing facts about the city.

It Houses the Largest Structure in the World

Everything has to be the largest, best, and glitziest in Dubai. As a result, the Burj Khalifa, an 828-meter structure with 163 stories and seven world records, is currently the highest structure in the world. The Jeddah Structure in Saudi Arabia, which will be the first 1-kilometer tall tower in human history, poses a danger to overtaking the Burj Khalifa. Thus, Dubai built the Dubai Creek Tower in response. However, construction has been put on hold while the Saudis finish their tower first. In the meanwhile, Burj Khalifa will do

Do You Know Know That Dubai was a Desert?

The town was formerly a modest fishing community with only a few hundred residents. It was tiny and claustrophobic, with most of the contemporary city being a desert. The terrain was uninhabitable; farmers would only utilize it for raising crops or caring for animals.

The United Arab Emirates was established in 1971. Due to its vast oil reserves, the UAE practically became a wealthy country. Business people flocked to Dubai to launch firms once oil was discovered offshore. Even though the Gulf War drove many businesspeople away, they soon came back as oil prices increased. They began investing in Dubai’s development in the 2000s and are still so today.

One of the Driest Places on Earth

Dubai is a dry metropolis with approximately 25–30 days of rain each year, making it one of the driest cities in the world. The city is located in a desert. Therefore, the daytime climate is dry and scorching, while the evenings are only somewhat cooler. One of the things that deter some foreigners from visiting Dubai is the oppressive heat.

The Second-Longest Automated Metro Line:

With several global records, Dubai aspires to be the best at everything. Until 2009, one of those records was for having the longest driverless metro. Singapore now holds the record for the largest network of driverless rapid transport vehicles.

Its Food Is Genuinely International:

Since Dubai has been a major trading hub for centuries, food from all over the world has affected its cuisine, making it truly global. You’ll find spices from India, products from Persia, and eastern Mediterranean influences in addition to classic Arabic cuisine.

Golden Automobiles:

Most of Dubai is made up of desert, and residents like cruising in their fast automobiles. One of the most popular recreational activities in Dubai is surfing the sand. Global travelers enjoy an exhilarating journey in a big SUV. Dubai’s residents are well-recognized for leading opulent lifestyles. You may find it incredible, but people here do drive gold-plated automobiles. It is interesting to see both solid gold and gold-plated automobiles.

The Jockeys Are Robots:

Camel racing is one of the most well-liked sports in Dubai. Small robot jockeys are currently utilized instead of children to ride and race camels to prevent the exploitation of children’s small stature. You can embark on a camel riding adventure in the desert even though you won’t be racing any camels.

Weekends Do Not Fall on Saturdays or Sundays:

For many years, Fridays and Saturdays made up Dubai’s weekends. Dubai modified its official weekends in January 2022 to better correspond with global financial markets. Their weekends and free time are still somewhat different, though. Moreover, Businesspeople in Dubai is at the office from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, they are at work until noon and off until Monday morning.

You Can Speak Several Languages:

Arabic is the UAE’s official language. Try to utilize Arabic while conversing with influential businesspeople or government members. Even a simple welcome can help to ease the tension.

However, due to its multicultural makeup, English is widely spoken in Dubai. Additionally, you may communicate with people in Pakistan and India better by speaking Urdu, Hindi, and Chinese.

It has the Longest Automated Metro Line in the World:

The Dubai Metro is one of the most technologically advanced metro networks and the longest driverless rail system in the world. One of the wonders of the modern world is the Dubai Metro. The Dubai metro is the longest metro system in existence.

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