Brand Strategy, Messaging, and Consumer Testing

Brand Strategy, Messaging, and Consumer Testing

Rebranding or introducing a new brand is a risky venture since you are uncertain about how customers will receive you. Some companies have already lost millions of dollars on miscalculated rebranding initiatives.

Consumer Testing

The brand-building process is full of uncertainties. For example, you don’t know how people will react to your color scheme, logo, packaging, etc.

In its most basic form, consumer testing involves asking people if they approve of possible branding choices. If they respond positively, you proceed to the next stage of the procedure. If they refuse, you get more understanding to modify it in light of their criticism till it outperforms the competitors.

After a few rounds of testing, you should have a solid understanding of customer preferences and a potent branding plan that will convert your target market into a tribe of devoted supporters.

How Important is Consumer Testing?

Very important. Customer testing can assist you in determining whether your messaging and brand strategy is appropriate for your company and target market.

Consumer testing offers the following significant advantages:

  • It helps avoid spending millions on lousy marketing choices.
  • It helps you identify areas that need work.
  • It gives you reliable information to support your brand strategy.
  • It helps you see various responses from different demographic groups.

How to Conduct Consumer Testing to Figure Out Your Messaging and Brand Strategy

Before rebranding or launching a new brand, it is crucial to ensure that the steps you take will have a positive impact. The tests shown below will help you fine-tune your brand approach.

1. Test your messaging

It is essential to test your message’s clarity, consistency with your brand identity, and customer engagement. Without the test, you run the risk of unintentionally telling clients something, which could lead to losses.

2. Focus groups

Once you identify your target audience and have ideas for updating your messaging or brand strategy, focus groups can be a great way to gauge what the public thinks of your modifications.

Find around 30 people who fit your target demographic and divide them into three groups. Ask the group to comment on the brand adjustments you plan to make after presenting them. Make changes to your brand strategy or messaging based on the comments.

3. Test your packaging

Your items’ packaging helps them stand out among competitors. Your items will disappear into obscurity and gather dust without optimal packaging. Through package testing, you can get input from a group of individuals who interact with your packaging.

This is important with markets such as the bath and beauty care market, where competition invests in visually arresting, bespoke packaging that increases desire to purchase. Their feedback will help you create custom branded packaging that is appealing, easy to use, and unique.

4. Survey of attitude and use

This is a survey that consists of some questions that reveal how customers feel about your company and products. Additionally, it can assist you in discovering connections between client feedback and product usage.

Below are sample questions that you can ask:

  • How did you find out about our product?
  • How well do you know about the product?
  • What would you say about the product quality?
  • Which of the following rival brands have you used?
  • What change would you like to see in the product?

You can conduct the surveys online. The responses will help you get a sense of how customers see your products and brand.

Consumer testing enables you to question customers directly about your messaging, branding, packaging, and anything else that can have an impact on sales. You may improve your items by using customer feedback to succeed in the market.

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