Noel Edmonds’ Quirky Pub in New Zealand Village

In a small New Zealand village, TV legend Noel Edmonds is now known for managing a unique pub, the Bugger Inn, which offers a cheeky selection of beverages.

While he once asked people “deal or no deal,” he now poses a different question, “Do you fancy a pint of Tits Up or a pint of Boring B*****d?”

Managing the Banter Bar: Noel and Liz’s Venture

Noel Edmonds and Third Wife Liz Run the Bugger Inn

Noel Edmonds operates the Bugger Inn alongside his third wife, Liz. Their journey to New Zealand began when they met on the set of “Deal Or No Deal” when she worked as a makeup artist. They later decided to move to New Zealand in 2019.

Edmonds’ Eccentric Beverage Selection

Noel Edmonds’ Unconventional Drink Menu

Despite his promise to be less eccentric after leaving the UK, Noel Edmonds now serves a variety of cheeky drinks in the Bugger Inn.

These include an Old Git Pilsner, a “ladies favorite” Dickens Cider, an American IPA called Hoplicker, and the Lager Tits Up. There’s also the Boring B*****d, a Hazy IPA.

A Slice of England in New Zealand

Transformation of Dunbar Estates into River Haven

Noel Edmonds embarked on an ambitious project by buying a vineyard and cafe in Ngatimoti, New Zealand, known as Dunbar Estates.

It has since transformed into a piece of England called River Haven, featuring the Bugger Inn pub and a restaurant.

Local Reactions to Edmonds’ Presence

Community Perspectives on Noel Edmonds

While some locals appreciate Edmonds’ estate as an ideal spot for socializing, others have expressed mixed feelings about one of Britain’s biggest stars taking over the area.

Some have criticized his saucily named drinks, while one resident expressed concerns about Edmonds appearing like a “colonizer.”

Edmonds’ Response to Local Criticism

Noel Edmonds Defends His Contribution to the Community

In response to local objections outlined in Stuff, Noel Edmonds defended his presence in New Zealand and his contributions to the community.

He emphasized his love for the environment and the countryside and clarified his intentions in buying properties.

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