Inquest Reveals Causes of Death in Cardiff Electric Bike Crash that Claimed Lives of Two Teenagers

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. An inquest opening into the fatal electric bike crash that took the lives of two Cardiff teenagers, Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans, has revealed the provisional causes of their deaths.


The incident occurred on May 22 on Snowden Road, Ely, where the best friends were involved in a collision.

The Tragic Incident:

Usher Lynne Carroll, providing testimony at Pontypridd Coroner’s Court, stated that the pair was seen riding together on a single e-bike.

However, a short time later, a member of the public discovered both teenagers lying on the road after apparently falling off the bike. Unfortunately, both Kyrees and Harvey sustained fatal injuries.

Preliminary Findings:

During the post-mortem examination conducted by Pathologist Dr. Stephen Leadbeatter, it was determined that Kyrees’ provisional cause of death was a blunt head injury, while Harvey’s was attributed to a blunt injury to the head and trunk.

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Reason for Inquest:

Coroner Patricia Morgan explained that an inquest was necessary due to the suspicion that the deaths were violent or unnatural in nature.

She further declared that the hearings would be held jointly, as the circumstances warranted a consolidated approach.


Investigation and Adjournment:

Coroner Morgan noted an ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Consequently, she announced that the inquest would be adjourned to allow for a thorough investigation to be conducted and concluded.

The coroner emphasized the importance of receiving regular updates on the progress of the investigation and stated that a date for the final inquest would be set in due course.

Condolences and Support:

Expressing her deepest condolences, Coroner Morgan conveyed her sympathies to the families of Kyrees and Harvey.

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The court acknowledged that both boys were born in Cardiff, adding to the local impact of the tragedy.

Unrest and Questions:

Following the news of the teenagers’ deaths, a wave of violence and vandalism ensued, with reports suggesting that a police van had been pursuing the boys just minutes before the crash.

Nine individuals, aged 15 to 21, were arrested in connection with the disorder.

Questions remain unanswered regarding the events leading up to the incident, as well as the subsequent unrest and the nature of the police’s involvement.


Police Response and Independent Investigation:

South Wales Police confirmed that officers were not in the immediate vicinity of the crash when it occurred and provided a timeline of events.

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However, the Independent Office for Police Conduct initiated an independent investigation to examine the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Community Tribute:

Approximately 1,000 people gathered in Ely to pay tribute to Kyrees and Harvey in a moving vigil.

Mourners released balloons, flares, and fireworks in their memory, carrying blue and white balloons and wearing white T-shirts adorned with the teenagers’ faces.

The poignant event included the release of heart-shaped balloons accompanied by resounding applause.


The tragic electric bike crash that claimed the lives of Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans continues to raise questions and demand further investigation.

As the community mourns their loss, the focus remains on understanding the events leading to the incident and seeking answers for the grieving families.

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