Trial Begins for Tram Driver Accused in Croydon Crash that Claimed Seven Lives

Trial Begins for Tram Driver Accused in Croydon Crash that Claimed Seven Lives

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Families of the victims involved in the tragic Croydon tram crash over six years ago have assembled at the Old Bailey for the trial of the tram driver, Alfred Dorris.


Dorris, 49, faces charges related to an alleged health and safety failing in connection with the fatal incident that occurred on November 9, 2016.

The crash resulted in the deaths of seven passengers and left 51 others injured when tram 2551 derailed and overturned near the Sandilands stop in Croydon, south London.

Details of the Crash and Victims:

The victims of the Croydon crash were identified as Dane Chinnery (19), Philip Seary (57), Dorota Rynkiewicz (35), Robert Huxley (63), Philip Logan (52), Donald Collett (62), and Mark Smith (35).

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Chinnery, Seary, Rynkiewicz, Huxley, and Logan were from New Addington, while Collett and Smith were from Croydon.

Charges Against Alfred Dorris:

Alfred Dorris faces a single charge of failing to take reasonable care at work under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The indictment alleges that Dorris neglected the health and safety of both himself and the passengers on board tram 2551.


Specifically, he is accused of failing to navigate the tram safely around the Sandilands curve at an appropriate speed, which ultimately led to its derailment and overturning.

Trial Proceedings and Duration:

The trial is taking place in Court One of the Old Bailey under the oversight of senior judge Mr. Justice Fraser.

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On the first day of the trial, family members of the victims were present in court.

The prosecution, led by Jonathan Ashley-Norman KC, is expected to commence its opening arguments on Wednesday.

The Office of Rail and Road, a regulatory body, is responsible for bringing the prosecution against Dorris.

The trial is anticipated to last for up to five weeks.


The commencement of the trial for the Croydon tram crash brings a significant moment of reckoning for the families affected by this devastating incident.

The trial will shed light on the alleged health and safety failing of Alfred Dorris, the tram driver, and determine his level of responsibility in the tragic event that resulted in multiple casualties.

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The prosecution’s case will rely on establishing that Dorris did not exercise reasonable care in navigating the tram, leading to its derailment and the loss of seven lives.

The trial duration of up to five weeks indicates the complexity of the case and the extensive evidence that will be presented.

The families of the victims, seeking justice and closure, have gathered in court, awaiting the proceedings that will hopefully provide answers and accountability.


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