Disappointment Over Ukraine’s President Being Blocked from Eurovision Address

Disappointment Over Ukraine’s President Being Blocked from Eurovision Address

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

The European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) decision to block Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, from addressing the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest has left UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak “disappointed.”


The EBU declined Zelensky’s request to speak during the event due to concerns about potential politicization.

Zelensky had planned to make an unannounced video appearance to rally support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian invaders.

While the EBU acknowledged Zelensky’s intentions, they stated that his request violated the contest’s rules.

Disappointment from UK Prime Minister:

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson expressed disappointment at the EBU’s decision, stating that it would have been fitting for President Zelensky to address the event.

The Prime Minister believes that the values and freedoms Ukraine is fighting for are fundamental rather than political.

The spokesperson also referenced last year’s suspension of Russia’s participation in Eurovision as evidence that the contest recognizes the importance of these values.


No Intervention Planned:

Downing Street confirmed that there are no plans to intervene and request a change of decision from the organizers.

While disappointed, the UK government will not be taking any action to alter the EBU’s stance.

Eurovision’s Non-Political Nature:

BBC Eurovision commentators Rylan Clark and Scott Mills emphasized that the contest is intended to be non-political.

They asserted that, as commentators, they do not involve themselves in the show format.

Contrary to popular belief, Clark and Mills stated that Eurovision is the least political experience one could have and that it is solely a song contest.

Celebrating Ukraine’s Culture:

As last year’s winner, Ukraine is being celebrated throughout the event in Liverpool.

The commentators highlighted that Ukraine’s victory and its culture are being showcased in the city.

They reiterated that Ukraine’s hosting duties were passed to the UK due to the Russian invasion, further emphasizing the non-political nature of the contest.


President Zelensky’s Preferred Location:

President Zelensky expressed that he would have preferred Eurovision to take place in a neighboring country.

He suggested countries like Slovakia or Poland, which share borders with Ukraine and are easily accessible for Ukrainian citizens.

Grand Final Line-up and Participants:

Following the second knockout round, the full line-up for the Eurovision grand final was revealed.

The remaining spots went to Poland, Australia, Cyprus, Albania, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Armenia, and Slovenia.

These countries joined the 10 qualifiers from the previous semi-final.

The “big five” nations (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) and last year’s winners Ukraine automatically qualified for the grand final due to their financial contributions.


The decision to block Ukraine’s President from addressing the Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final has caused disappointment.

While the UK government expresses its dissatisfaction with the EBU’s ruling, no intervention is planned.


The contest’s commentators assert its non-political nature and emphasize the celebration of Ukraine’s culture throughout the event.

With the final line-up confirmed, anticipation builds for the live broadcast on BBC One.

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