Prompt Security raises $5m in seed funding to provide complete generative AI security solution for enterprises

Prompt Security raises $5m in seed funding to provide complete generative AI security solution for enterprises

Prompt Security Secures Funding for Expansion

The latest funding round for Prompt Security, a pioneer in generative AI security for enterprises, was spearheaded by Hetz Ventures, with additional contributions from Four Rivers and notable individuals, including CISOs at Elastic and Dolby.

Vision for Expansion

With a focus on scaling operations and extending its market presence, Prompt Security has outlined strategic plans for utilizing the newly acquired funds.

The company aims to broaden its reach and impact in the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI security.

A Closer Look at Prompt Security

Established in August 2023, Prompt Security is under the leadership of CEO Itamar Golan and CTO Lior Drihem.

The core team brings a wealth of experience in both cybersecurity and AI, garnered from roles at prominent organizations such as Check Point, Orca Security, and Israel’s elite intelligence unit 8200.

Comprehensive Solutions

Prompt Security offers an all-encompassing solution for generative AI security in enterprise settings.

Their capabilities span various aspects, providing a robust defense against emerging threats, Key areas of focus include:


Prompt Security meticulously examines semantic data, scrutinizing every prompt and model response.

This approach safeguards against a spectrum of threats, including prompt injection, jailbreaking, data extraction, and more.


The platform provides security and AI leaders with comprehensive visibility into the usage of generative AI tools within their organization.

Access policies can be finely defined per application and user group.

Prompt Security utilizes an LLM-agnostic approach, detecting AI tools based on usage patterns and identifying thousands of tools.

Data Privacy

Contextual LLM-based models are leveraged to detect and redact sensitive data, ensuring the protection of information such as PII, PHI, and intellectual property.


Responses from generative AI tools are rigorously scrutinized to ensure they are free from harmful or toxic content.

The Road Ahead

Armed with fresh funding, Prompt Security is poised to make significant strides in enhancing the security posture of enterprises utilizing generative AI.

The company’s multifaceted approach, encompassing security, governance, data privacy, and safety, positions it as a key player in fortifying organizations against evolving cyber threats.