‘Three 15’s Method’ Recommended by Sleep Specialist Dr. Brues

‘Three 15’s Method’ Recommended by Sleep Specialist Dr. Brues

Sleep Doctor’s Winter Sleep Hacks: Unraveling the ‘Three 15’s Method’

Clinical psychologist and renowned sleep specialist, Dr. Michael Brues, also known as the ‘Sleep Doctor,’ is on a mission to guide people towards improved lifestyles through better sleep.

As the winter months often pose sleep challenges, Dr. Brues shared valuable insights on The Today Show, emphasizing a practical approach known as the ‘three 15’s method.’

Circadian Rhythms and Winter Sleep Challenges

Dr. Brues highlighted the impact of winter on sleep, noting the prevalence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to reduced light exposure.

Explaining the connection between circadian rhythms and sleep, he emphasized the need to address these challenges by adopting specific morning routines.

Morning Sunlight as a Sleep Solution

To align circadian rhythms, Dr. Brues suggested a morning routine that involves exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D, acting as a circadian pacemaker, plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s internal clock. Contrary to common belief, only fifteen minutes of sunlight in the morning can significantly contribute to better sleep.

The Three 15’s Method for Morning Rituals

Dr. Brues introduced the ‘three 15’s method’ to prepare for quality sleep throughout the day. This method involves 15 deep breaths to wake up the respiratory system, 15 ounces of water to hydrate the body, and 15 minutes of sunlight exposure.

Stressing the importance of choosing water over caffeine, Dr. Brues highlighted the dehydration aspect of sleep and recommended avoiding caffeine before bedtime.

Quoting Dr. Michael Brues:

“If you start to prepare for sleep at the beginning of your day, you’re going to have a great night.

The thing I tell people is when you wake up in the morning, I have a little bit of a routine – you can do this for kids, you can do this for adults.”

Morning Sun Exposure Tips

For those unable to bear the cold, Dr. Brues suggested standing by a window for sunlight exposure.

However, if the weather allows, spending time outside in the morning is considered optimal for enhancing sleep quality.

Dr. Michael Brues emphasizes the significance of integrating these morning rituals to combat winter sleep challenges, setting the stage for a restful night’s sleep.