DesignEvo – Recommended Free Online Logo Design Tools

DesignEvo – Recommended Free Online Logo Design Tools

When you start your website or brand, you usually need to create a logo for your brand if you are a self-media entrepreneur or startup owner.

If your budget is sufficient, you can directly ask a professional designer to design your logo. However, most of the entrepreneurs I know don’t have much budget initially, don’t necessarily understand design, and have no idea how to design the logo. What should you do if you are also in this situation?

Today I’m going to introduce a free online logo design tool – DesignEvo! It allows you to design a unique and exclusive logo for free or with a limited budget.

Is it important to design a logo?

Whether you want to run a personal brand, create a company, open a restaurant, make software, etc., it is essential to have an exclusive logo!

Because the most significant purpose of a logo is “recognition.” A logo is a signature, a heraldic shield, or a street sign.

A logo is not only the facade of a brand. It can play the role of recognition but also can represent the professionalism of the brand and improve the professionalism and impression of the audience on the brand.

No matter what industry or business you run today, having an exclusive logo is indispensable! 

What is DesignEvo?


DesignEvo is an online free logo maker developed by PearlMountain Limited! There are more than 10,000+ logo templates to apply, as well as more than 100 different font styles and more than millions of free vector graphics, allowing you to easily and quickly create your high-quality logo!

In addition to being free to download, DesignEvo can obtain more complete Logo files and copyrights by purchasing a package. 

Why do I recommend DesignEvo?


I highly recommend DesignEvo to those who want to run self-media and brands. Unless you were born in a related design department, you would be at a loss when designing a logo, and you don’t know where to start! If you have a limited budget, it is impossible to find a professional designer to design a logo. DesignEvo is a straightforward and easy-to-use logo design tool.

I also share with you my favorite DesignEvo features below:

Intuitive interface

It really allows me to get started super quickly. The design of the operation interface is really very simple, so it only takes about 5 minutes for me to use DesignEvo to design a logo freely!

A variety of templates and icons

If you don’t have much idea about logo design at first, you can go to the template area to find your favorite style and customize it into your logo! DesignEvo also provides a “similar” button very intimately, so I can see more templates with similar styles.

Entering the design page, you can also find that DesignEvo provides a lot of icons. So today, no matter what the nature of the brand is, I believe that you can successfully create a satisfactory and eye-catching logo design!

Highly customized to create a unique logo

From text font, size, and position to icon color and presentation style, it can be further adjusted according to the brand’s image and needs. Although DesignEvo has many Logo templates that can be applied because it can freely adjust all elements, the design of the logos can be customized, so you don’t need to worry about bumping into other brands!

Store the logo in the cloud and download it at any time

When we complete a logo design, we usually only store the file in a particular device (such as a computer), but sometimes we need a logo file when we go out or use other computers.

And DesignEvo has cloud storage which is very convenient! No matter when and where we are, as long as we go to the website, we can download the logo again.

How to make a logo with DesignEvo


Before starting to make your logo, you can list the content of the brand as well as the materials and styles currently conceived, and decide on the brand color first so that you will have more direction when designing!

Step 1. Register an account

Click on the upper right corner to register as a member. Select the registration and login method. I personally use the Google account to log in directly. Select the institution according to your personal information. Select the occupation. Click “Confirm Now,” and it automatically jumps to the mailbox. Confirm the letter and activate your account.

Step 2. Choose a template

DesignEvo logo maker allows you to use the template to start making your logo! You can also click “Start From Scratch” in the upper right corner to start making your logo.

DesignEvo allows you to use keywords or categories to find suitable templates. If you see a template you like, you can click the “red heart” icon in the upper corner to add it to the collection or click “similar” to directly view more templates of similar styles. Super convenient!

Step 3. Customize the design

After confirming that you want to select a template, click “Customize” to enter the editing screen.

First of all, you can modify the text content. Just click on the text to modify it directly!

There is also a toolbar in the upper left corner and a lot of fonts to choose from. You can alter the color, size, font, etc., of the text. In addition to the primary colors, you can also directly enter the color number according to the brand color.

You can also delete unnecessary objects and choose your favorite icons or shapes! Click the icon to change the color of the icon, or flip the icon up, down, left, and right.

Preview and download

I like the preview function of DesignEvo very much because I can really know clearly how the currently designed logo looks on various carriers and items!

After the preview is complete, click “Download.” Choose your download specifications according to the size and variety you need.

Tips to make a good logo

To design a logo yourself, you can first understand what elements a good logo needs. I research successful logo cases on the market (McDonald’s, Starbucks…), and having a good logo requires the following four characteristics:

Simple: A logo does not need too complicated a design. We can look at the logo designs of successful brands on the market, most of them are very simple and not complicated, and they are getting increasingly simplified! Example: Nike’s Gogo

Intuitive: The more memorable the logo, the easier it will be rooted in people’s hearts. It is best to let the audience make an impression as soon as they hear the brand name.

Diverse: You can think about whether the same Logo can present various changes, such as turning into a circle, a rectangle, or applying it to different media, etc. But remember that the Logo recommends not to have too many colors at the same time, the more colors used in the logo, the more expensive it will be to use the logo in the long run!

Appropriate: Does the logo’s appearance conform to the brand’s image and the target audience’s tastes? For example, Pepsi’s logo uses curves to express a youthful and energetic feel.

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