Haley Campaign Bans Media Amidst Resurfaced Infidelity Allegations

Nikki Haley’s Campaign Clash: Journalists Ejected After Infidelity Claims

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s campaign faced controversy as journalists were ejected from an event in Amherst, New Hampshire, in response to reports on resurfaced infidelity claims.

The Spectator’s DC gossip columnist, writing under the pseudonym ‘Cockburn,’ disclosed being ousted from the event, shedding light on the unfolding events.

Allegations and Media Exclusion:

DailyMail.com, along with The Spectator columnist, reported on Friday morning about allegations that Haley had falsely denied infidelity during her 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial campaign.

The campaign’s lack of response to the claims prompted the exclusion of journalists, with Haley’s staff banning DailyMail.com from covering future events.

The Spectator’s Account:

The Spectator columnist shared details of the incident, recounting how he sought a response from Haley’s team at the Amherst event.

The journalist was ejected after inquiring about Haley’s reaction to the infidelity claims, highlighting the apparent reluctance of the campaign to engage with the media on the issue.

DailyMail.com’s Exclusion:

A DailyMail.com reporter and photographer were also asked to leave an event at Mary Ann’s Diner, with Haley’s spokesperson, Chaney Denton, asserting that the outlet was banned for “printing lies.”

The exclusion extended to a subsequent rally in Manchester, further straining the relationship between Haley’s campaign and the media.

Haley’s Response and Political Implications:

Haley, facing criticism from Donald Trump and a recent snub from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, emphasized her resilience against political attacks during the event at Mary Ann’s Diner.

As the primary in New Hampshire approaches, the impact of these controversies on Haley’s candidacy remains uncertain, with polls indicating a competitive race.

Infidelity Allegations and Campaign Strategy:

DailyMail.com reported new allegations of an affair that Haley had previously denied, involving witnesses who claim the denials are false.

The publication detailed affidavits from Will Folks and Larry Marchant, challenging Haley’s fidelity.

The revelations add a layer of complexity to Haley’s campaign strategy, with the New Hampshire primary viewed as crucial for her chances.

Trump’s Criticism and Poll Numbers:

Donald Trump’s intensified criticism of Haley, both in speeches and through advertising, underscores the competitive nature of the Republican primary.

While Trump leads in polls, Haley’s upward trajectory in recent months suggests a potential shift in dynamics.

The outcome in New Hampshire could significantly influence Haley’s path forward in the presidential race.


As Nikki Haley navigates the challenges posed by media scrutiny, infidelity claims, and political opponents, her campaign’s response to these controversies becomes pivotal.

The events in New Hampshire highlight the delicate balance between addressing allegations and maintaining a positive campaign narrative as the primary unfolds.

The subsequent developments will shape the narrative of Haley’s presidential bid and its viability in the crowded Republican field.

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