Kate Garraway Apologizes for Email and Texting Habits in Wake of Work Email Kiss Debate

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway expressed the need to apologize to everyone she has ever emailed or texted, following a recent legal case.


The case involved a woman who claimed she was sexually harassed by her boss for adding XX to a message, although the tribunal ruled in favor of the employer, stating a misinterpretation.

Divided Opinions on Adding Kisses to Work Emails

During an ITV discussion on the appropriateness of adding kisses (XX) to work emails, differing views emerged.

Some participants considered it friendly and non-sexual, while others believed professional messages should maintain a neutral tone without personal touches.

Broadcaster Neev Spencer acknowledged the acceptability of adding kisses among friends of the same sex, but found it strange and inappropriate when used in professional contexts, particularly with individuals in positions of authority.

She emphasized the importance of responsible email communication.

Kate Garraway’s Apology and Perspectives of Other Hosts

Joining the debate, Kate Garraway humorously stated her intention to issue an apology to everyone she has ever texted or emailed, as she habitually adds an ‘x’ at the end of her messages.


Comedian Sadia Azmat shared her own tendency to include kisses, sometimes automatically and other times to convey friendliness.

Host Ben Shephard revealed that he adds kisses to all work emails without perceiving any significance or impropriety.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with his brother’s use of “kind regards,” considering it impersonal.

Audience Reactions and Twitter Discussion

Twitter users engaged in the debate, with one person expressing surprise upon discovering the meaning behind the ‘X’ and issuing apologies to various recipients.

Others shared their opinions, considering the appropriateness of kisses based on the recipient’s relationship and status.


A lively discussion on Good Morning Britain arose from an employment tribunal case involving the addition of XX to a work email.

Participants offered differing perspectives on the appropriateness of including kisses in professional communication.

Kate Garraway jokingly apologized for her own use of kisses, while other hosts and viewers expressed varied opinions regarding the significance and suitability of such gestures in work-related messages.


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