Nigerian Woman’s Mattress Giveaway Sparks Controversy on Social Media

Nigerian Woman’s Mattress Giveaway Creates Online Controversy

Ima Obong Uboh, a Nigerian woman, has found herself in the midst of a social media storm after announcing a giveaway involving her over-two-year-old king-sized semi-orthopaedic poly mattress.

Her Facebook post, dated Saturday, September 23, detailed her intentions to gift the mattress, originally purchased for N105,000 and used for two years and five months.

Additionally, the giveaway would include four pillows.

Controversial Conditions Spark Outrage

While social media is frequently used for charitable endeavors and giveaways, Ima’s announcement came with conditions that triggered controversy and backlash.

In her post, she specified that the recipient must be a struggling single mother with at least two children who is not a widow.

Moreover, interested individuals were required to submit short video entries, persuading Ima on why they should be selected to receive the mattress.

She further explained that the selection process would involve public voting, ultimately placing the decision in the hands of netizens.

Public Backlash and Criticism

The conditions set by Ima for the mattress giveaway did not sit well with a significant portion of the public, leading to a wave of criticism and backlash on various social media platforms.

Many users expressed their disapproval of the eligibility criteria, deeming them exclusionary and insensitive.

Social Media Reactions Reflect Discontent

Online users took to social media to voice their discontent with Ima’s requirements.

Some questioned the implied assumptions behind the conditions, such as the presumption that a struggling single mother with two children must have had specific experiences.

Others expressed frustration at the level of scrutiny associated with a mattress giveaway and criticized the criteria as demeaning.

Varied Opinions and Debate

The controversy surrounding Ima’s mattress giveaway highlighted the diversity of opinions among netizens.

While some defended her intent and suggested a review of the criteria, others argued that such requirements were excessive for a simple act of generosity.

The online debate revealed differing perspectives on how charitable acts should be conducted, especially when it comes to distributing everyday items like mattresses.


Ima’s attempt to conduct a mattress giveaway generated unexpected controversy and sparked a broader conversation about the expectations and conditions attached to acts of charity in the digital age.

The incident serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics at play in online philanthropy and the power of social media to amplify public sentiment.

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