Social Media Uproar as Nigerian Housewife ‘Mummy Zee’ Sparks Controversy, Labeling Daughter’s School ‘Shabby’ in Online Post Amidst Criticism and Apology Deletion

Mummy Zee’s School Remark Controversy

Deborah Adebisi, known as Mummy Zee, faced online backlash for describing her daughter’s school as “shabby” in a social media post.

The post, featuring her daughter and expressing dissatisfaction with the institution, quickly went viral, drawing widespread criticism.

Social Media Outcry and Criticism

The online community criticized Mummy Zee’s choice of words, deeming her comments mean-spirited and inappropriate, particularly regarding her daughter’s school environment.

Her statement about withdrawing her daughter from a purportedly “10k per term” school stirred significant controversy and debate.

Previous Attention and Feminist Backlash

Mummy Zee had previously gained attention for her early morning routine of preparing meals for her husband at 4:50 a.m.

This revelation had faced ridicule from feminist groups. Her recent social media post added fuel to the fire, drawing further criticism.

Apology and Post Deletion

Following the uproar, Mummy Zee issued an apology and deleted the contentious post that sparked outrage among social media users. However, the criticism continued even after her attempt to address the situation.

Social Media Reactions

Reactions poured in on Twitter, with users expressing a range of opinions. Some defended Mummy Zee, arguing that critics who hadn’t contributed to her success should not dictate her actions.

Others condemned her for what they perceived as a display of pride and a change in behavior due to newfound funds.

Diverse Opinions on the Incident

Twitter users engaged in debates over Mummy Zee’s remarks, with differing perspectives on her statements about the school.

Some questioned the validity of her assessment, highlighting that she might have made the comments based on her past financial constraints without necessarily knowing the school’s current status.