Lil Frosh Alleges Assault by Yhemo Lee, Shares Video as Evidence

Lil Frosh Alleges Assault by Yhemo Lee, Shares Video as Evidence

Lil Frosh Speaks Out

Nigerian singer Sanni Goriola Wasiu, popularly known as Lil Frosh, has taken to social media to accuse club promoter and actor Yhemo Lee of assaulting him.

In a recent post, Lil Frosh urged the public to hold Yhemo Lee accountable if anything were to happen to him, alleging threats to his life.

Social Media Drama Unfolds

The controversy began when Lil Frosh called out Yhemo Lee on social media, claiming that he was slapped by the club promoter for failing to greet him.

Netizens demanded proof of the alleged assault, prompting Lil Frosh to share a video on his Instagram story, revealing the aftermath of the reported slap.

Lil Frosh Raises Concerns

In addition to the assault allegations, Lil Frosh expressed concerns about his safety, stating that Yhemo Lee was threatening his life.

The singer went on to caution the public, indicating that Yhemo Lee should be held responsible if anything untoward were to happen to him.

Public Reaction and Scrutiny

The unfolding drama has garnered attention on social media, with fans and followers expressing their opinions on the matter.

Lil Frosh’s decision to bring the incident to light has sparked discussions about the dynamics of the entertainment industry and the potential consequences of such public disputes.

A Call for Justice

As the controversy continues, the public awaits further developments and potential responses from Yhemo Lee.

The incident raises questions about the accountability of individuals in the public eye and the importance of addressing disputes in a manner that ensures justice and fairness.