Yhemo Lee Shuts Down Critics: Builds Two Houses for Mother Amid Controversial Side Chics Comment

Yhemo Lee’s Benevolent Gestures Amid Criticism

Renowned socialite Yhemo Lee has silenced critics by revealing a heartwarming act of generosity—building two houses for his mother this year.

This revelation comes in the aftermath of his controversial comments about financial priorities in relationships, particularly involving side chics.

The Bhad and Boujee Podcast Confession

Yhemo Lee shared these details during a recent episode of the Bhad and Boujee podcast, hosted by BBNaija star Tolanibaj and OAP Moet Abebe.

In a candid moment, the nightlife king addressed the common perception that men are often more willing to lavish money on their side chics than on their parents.

Challenging Stereotypes with Personal Example

Using himself as an example, Yhemo Lee asserted that, in the realm of financial gestures, a side chic might receive N5 million, whereas a mother would be privileged to N100 million from her son.

This candid statement sparked discussions and fueled online debates.

Preferring Golddiggers and Financial Independence

Further delving into his preferences, Yhemo Lee revealed his inclination to socialize with women known for their financial expectations, often dubbed as golddiggers. He argued that this choice reflects his financial stability and independence, challenging societal norms.

Controversy and Backlash

Not surprisingly, Yhemo Lee’s remarks stirred controversy and garnered backlash online. Critics questioned his priorities and values, leading to an online buzz that prompted the socialite to respond to the criticism.

Defying Backlash: Yhemo Lee’s Revelation

In response to the online uproar, Yhemo Lee disclosed his recent philanthropic endeavors, highlighting the construction of two houses for his mother this year.

This revelation serves as a powerful retort to the criticism, showcasing a side of the socialite that goes beyond the controversies, emphasizing family values and generosity.

Conclusion: Yhemo Lee’s Dual Triumph

Yhemo Lee’s journey from controversial remarks to a heartwarming act of generosity underscores the complexity of public personas.

The socialite’s decision to prioritize his mother through the construction of two houses speaks to a different narrative—one that reflects familial bonds and benevolence.

As Yhemo Lee navigates the nuances of fame, his actions continue to shape public perception, proving that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

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