Celebrity Clash Chronicles: Lil Frosh and Yhemolee in the Spotlight Over Assault

Singer Lil Frosh Accuses Actor Yhemolee of Assault Over Greeting Snub

Nigerian up-and-coming singer, Lil Frosh, makes a serious accusation against actor and media personality Yhemolee, claiming he was assaulted for refusing to greet him.

The incident unfolded at a recent event and has sparked a public exchange between the two personalities.

Lil Frosh’s Allegations:

Taking to his Instagram story, Lil Frosh asserted that Yhemolee slapped him without provocation at the event.

Expressing his frustration, the ex-signee of DMW Records emphasized that he had done nothing to warrant such an action and underlined that he did not know Yhemolee.

In Lil Frosh’s Words:

In a now-deleted Instagram story post, Lil Frosh directly addressed Yhemolee, questioning the reason for the assault.

He expressed disbelief that a simple greeting had escalated to physical violence, stating, “God will judge you unless I do anything to you!”

Yhemolee’s Response:

As of now, Yhemolee has not responded or addressed the allegations.

Interestingly, he seems to be enjoying time with a new lady who has proposed to be his next girlfriend, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding situation.

Public Reactions:

Various reactions flooded social media following Lil Frosh’s accusations against Yhemolee.

Some commenters questioned the legitimacy of Lil Frosh’s claims, while others brought up past controversies involving Yhemolee.

The online discourse reflects a mix of skepticism, amusement, and advice for both parties involved.

Comments on Social Media:

Comments highlight the public’s diverse opinions on the matter, with some urging Lil Frosh to move on, while others recall Yhemolee’s past actions.

The situation has become a topic of discussion, showcasing the quick dissemination and scrutiny of information in the age of social media.


This publicized dispute adds another layer to the dynamics of celebrity interactions, highlighting the potential for conflicts to play out on social media platforms.

The unfolding drama awaits Yhemolee’s response and further reactions from the involved parties.

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