IDF’s Initial Review of Incident Near Latin Church in Shuja’iyya Raises Questions

IDF’s Initial Review of Incident Near Latin Church in Shuja’iyya Raises Questions

In response to the reported shooting of two women in the vicinity of the Latin church in Shuja’iyya, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted an initial review of the incident, releasing a statement to address the circumstances surrounding the tragic event.

Hamas Involvement:

According to the IDF’s statement, their review revealed that Hamas terrorists had launched a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) at IDF troops from the area around the church.

The troops reportedly identified three individuals acting as spotters for Hamas, guiding attacks toward IDF forces.

IDF Response:

In reaction to the perceived threat, the IDF asserts that their troops fired towards the identified spotters, achieving hits.

While acknowledging that the incident occurred in the reported location of the women’s deaths, the IDF contends that the initial review contradicts the received reports.

The IDF maintains that their troops were targeting spotters in enemy lookout positions.

Ongoing Investigation:

The statement concludes with an assurance that the IDF is continuing to investigate the incident.

However, specific details regarding the conflicting reports or the direct involvement of an IDF soldier in the women’s deaths were not disclosed, as per the IDF’s response.

The IDF’s preliminary findings present a narrative of responding to an imminent threat posed by Hamas spotters.

The conflicting reports and the ongoing investigation indicate a complex situation that requires further examination to ascertain the full details of the tragic incident.