Spherical UFO’s Appearance Near Presidential Jet Raises Questions

Spherical UFO’s Appearance Near Presidential Jet Raises Questions

Airplane Enthusiasts Capture UFO Above LAX

During President Joe Biden’s visit to Los Angeles for a campaign fundraiser, a peculiar incident unfolded in the skies above LAX.

Planespotters filming the scene captured footage of an unidentified object resembling a white or silver sphere hovering near Air Force 1, causing a stir among witnesses and enthusiasts alike.

Speculations and Eyewitness Accounts

The object, seen multiple times over LAX, prompted various explanations from onlookers. Suggestions ranged from it being a mere balloon to theories involving extraterrestrial probes searching for intelligent life.

Despite its initial presence near the President’s entourage, the object disappeared after less than an hour, prompting debates on social media about its resemblance to metallic orb UFOs previously captured by Reaper drones in the Middle East.

However, skeptics dismissed this incident as having a mundane explanation.

Observations and Livestream Captures

Airplane enthusiasts Joshua and Peter Solorzano, filming at LAX, captured the unidentified object on their livestream for their YouTube channel, LA Flights. Initially, while focusing on Air Force 1, they spotted the mysterious sphere moving across the screen at 10:18 am.

The object reappeared twice more, prompting discussions between the two about its nature, with Joshua initially suggesting it might be a balloon while Peter referred to it as a ‘UAP’—the government’s term for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

Eyewitness Testimonies

Several witnesses, including Chris Cullari and movie director Robert Wood, reported sightings of a similar white spherical object in different parts of Los Angeles around midday.

Cullari observed the object for around 15 minutes, noting its stationary nature and the presence of an LAPD helicopter nearby.

Wood described a solid white spherical object moving rapidly across the sky, raising uncertainties about its identity, whether it was a balloon, or something else entirely.

Comparison to Reaper Drone Footage

Comparisons were drawn between the silver orb captured by the Solorzanos and UFOs previously recorded by Reaper drone cameras in the Middle East.

Government footage published this year by AARO showed similar ‘metallic orb’ UFOs, sparking investigations and analysis by various researchers seeking to explain these occurrences.

Expert Opinions and Possible Explanations

Renowned UFO debunker Mick West reviewed the footage, suggesting that while the object appeared balloon-like, its identity couldn’t be conclusively proven.

West highlighted the challenges in identifying such objects, emphasizing the limitations posed by the footage’s context and conditions.

Related National Security Concerns

The incident brought attention to the sensitivity of airspace breaches, referring to an earlier incident involving alleged Chinese spy balloons.

These incidents, including one shot down after entering US airspace, raised concerns and were linked to top-secret intelligence documents allegedly leaked by a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman.

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