“I started drinking alcohol in 2021 for fun” – Teni reveals

“I started drinking alcohol in 2021 for fun” – Teni reveals

Nigerian music sensation Teni shocked fans and the host of the Zero Conditions Podcast when she disclosed that she didn’t begin drinking or smoking until 2021, despite being in the music industry for several years.

A Candid Moment on Zero Conditions Podcast

During a recent episode of the popular Zero Conditions Podcast, the host extended an offer for Teni to have a drink, only to be met with a surprising revelation.

eni, known for her lively personality, turned down the offer, explaining that she had stopped drinking. The host, taken aback, probed further, leading to Teni’s unexpected admission.

The Origin Story: Teni’s Six-Year Sober Stint

In response to the host’s inquiry, Teni shared her origin story, revealing that she had refrained from drinking and smoking for six years in the music industry.

She emphasized her naturally adventurous nature but clarified that she only ventured into drinking in 2021, marking a significant departure from her previous lifestyle choices.

Testing the Waters: Teni’s First Encounter with Alcohol

Teni recounted her first experience with alcohol, which occurred in Lagos. Curious about the sensation of being drunk, she decided to give it a try.

Drinking Henny for the first time, she was surprised that the expected effects didn’t kick in, and she went to sleep without feeling intoxicated. Her peers’ reactions were a mix of amazement and amusement at Teni’s unexpected foray into drinking.

Defying Peer Pressure: Teni’s University Years

Despite attending the University of Georgia, where there was considerable pressure to partake in drinking culture, Teni maintained her sobriety.

She highlighted her ability to resist external pressures and only engage in activities that align with her desires.

Even in videos and skits where she appears to be holding a cup, Teni clarified that it’s usually filled with juice or water, showcasing her commitment to staying true to herself.

Teni’s revelation adds a layer of authenticity to her public image, emphasizing her individuality and the deliberate choices she makes in navigating the entertainment industry.

As fans celebrate her openness, Teni’s journey serves as a reminder that personal choices and timelines vary, even in the dynamic world of music.

She said:

“I began drinking in 2021. I’m a naturally adventurous person. I’ve been in this industry for six years without drinking or smoking. I started drinking for fun, and the first time was in Lagos.

“At home, I thought, ‘You guys are always getting drunk, what does it feel like? Let me just try it.’ So, I drank Henny, but I didn’t get drunk. I was waiting for it to happen, but it didn’t, so I just went to sleep. Everybody was like, ‘Aaah, Teni.’”

“I didn’t drink while I was in school. Do you know what school I went to? The University of Georgia, it’s a football school, and there’s a lot of pressure to drink, but I didn’t. I only ever do what I want to do. In all the videos and skits where I hold a cup, it’s usually juice or water,” the singer added.

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