Teni Explains That Her Upcoming Album Will Be Her Most Vulnerable

Teni Reveals Insights into Her Upcoming Album: Release Date and Inspiration


Teni’s Upcoming Album: Inspiration, Release Date, and Expectations

Teniola Apata, renowned as Teni or Teni the entertainer, is a prominent Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, celebrated as one of the leading figures in Afrobeats.

She stands as a remarkable representative of female artists in the music and entertainment industry as a whole.

Teni has made her mark with hit singles like “Fargin,” “Wait,” “Uyo Mayo,” and “Case,” which not only dominated music charts but also earned her notable awards.

Her vibrant and captivating stage presence during concerts further solidifies her as an authentic entertainer.


Teni’s Second Studio Album: A Glimpse into the Future

In an exciting development, the artist, often referred to as Teni Makanaki, recently shared details about her upcoming second studio album.

During an interview on the “Tea with Tay” podcast, Teni revealed that the album is slated for release in October 2023.

This announcement has generated significant anticipation among her fans and the music community.

A Deeper Dive into Teni’s New Album


Teni described her forthcoming album as her most vulnerable and personal work to date.

When asked about the inspiration behind the project, she candidly shared that it draws from themes of pain, growth, and love.

This insight offers a glimpse into the emotional depth and artistic exploration that listeners can expect from the album.

Reflecting on Personal Influences

During the same interview, Teni opened up about how her childhood and upbringing were profoundly shaped by a significant event—the passing of her father, late Brig. Gen. Simeon Apata (retd.), on January 8, 1995.


This personal experience has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on her life and serves as a source of inspiration for her music.

As fans eagerly await the release of Teni’s second studio album, her willingness to share her vulnerability and personal journey promises a compelling and emotionally resonant musical experience.

October 2023 is poised to mark a significant moment in the artist’s career and the music industry as a whole, as Teni continues to captivate audiences with her talent and authenticity.

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