“I saw the ghost of my great-grandad reflected in my fiance’s wedding ring”

For Mailonline, Jo Tweedy Time of last update: 05:30, September 1, 2023 EDT

A bride-to-be shared that she was left speechless after she saw what she believes to be the spirit of her great-grandfather ‘putting his nod of approval’ on her fiancé’s wedding band.After much searching, Becky Sirrell of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, purchased her fiance Adrian Jobson’s wedding band online.In July, when it first came, 27-year-old Becky tried it on in her hallway and snapped a selfie to show 36-year-old Adrian at the office.The human resources manager claims she ‘freaked out’ after seeing a face staring back at her, and she and her two-year-old son Arlo Jobson sat in quiet as they pondered what she’d seen.

The moment the snapshot was taken revealed that the residence was empty. However, she reports feeling ‘comforted’ as family members pointed out the striking resemblance to an old photo of her great-grandfather, Samuel Brown.She has concluded that his “checking in” on her wedding preparations must have been a sign of his approbation for the union.

In the reflection of the photo of Becky’s middle finger, a woman with grey hair and a brown top can be seen wearing a silver wedding band.Becky claims the figure is a dead ringer for an old photograph of her grandfather that she keeps in the same corridor where the photo was taken.She says, “I went to send it to him and saw the scary creature, and I was terrified.” It resembled an elderly man standing in my anteroom.After putting my infant down for a nap, I sat there in quiet, too terrified to speak. I had the baby all to myself at home.

I was quite alarmed. I shared the picture with everyone. Everyone keeps saying it reminds them of my grandfather. I have one picture of him that really looks like him, and it’s up in the hallway.Because of this, I no longer experience any anxiety. I would have been on edge if I suspected a stranger was lurking around my home.The mother of one is devastated that her father, Samuel, who passed away in October 2021 at the age of 93, won’t be there to witness her wedding.As Becky elaborates:

We placed the order for the ring, and when it arrived, I joked to Adrian that the ring was probably too small for me by sending him a photo of me wearing it.I believe he is keeping tabs on the wedding preparations and offering his blessing.That he won’t be there to celebrate our marriage saddens me deeply. Since Adrian can now wear it, this is the ring we’ll be keeping. She was shocked by the depth of her feelings after learning of their tight relationship.Adrian, the yard foreman, says he sees a figure as well, but he is “more skeptical” about the afterlife.”Adrian said it’s crazy, but he’s a lot more sceptical,” Becky explains about Adrian. He concedes that “it does look like a figure.”The paranormal is real to me, and so is my family. The familiarity of the home’s environment is reassuring to me.

The photo has been shared on Facebook and has received over 400 reactions so far.Someone said, “I see a white-haired old man wearing a v-neck knitted sleeveless pullover and a tie.” As plain as the nose on your face.A second person concurred, saying, “I see an elderly gentleman in a pullover with a shirt and jacket or blazer.” Typical garb for my granddad when I was a kid.One more participant chimed in: Someone else remarked, “You have an angel watching over you.”

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