Nurse Leads Police on 94mph Cocaine-Fueled Car Chase After Keys Are Taken Away

In a harrowing incident captured on bodycam footage, nurse Emma Clarke, 39, formerly of Rhyl, North Wales, embarked on a dangerous car chase at speeds exceeding 90mph while under the influence of cocaine.

The Initial Confrontation:

The video shows the initial confrontation between Clarke and a policewoman who attempted to seize the keys to her vehicle.

While parked on a driveway, the officer leaned through Clarke’s car window, engaging in conversation.

The tension escalated as the policewoman tried to wrestle the car keys from Clarke’s possession.

The Escape:

With words exchanged and tensions rising, Clarke made the fateful decision to flee the scene in her black Audi.

The officer recording the incident had to jump out of harm’s way as Clarke accelerated and sped off.

The police officers present had to react swiftly as Clarke’s vehicle disappeared into the distance, setting the stage for a high-speed pursuit.

The High-Speed Chase:

In their pursuit of the drug-fueled nurse, the police officers found themselves in a high-speed car chase, with speeds reaching up to 97mph.

Clarke’s recklessness put not only herself but also the pursuing officers and the public at substantial risk.

The chase would only come to an end when Clarke reached a dead end, her escape thwarted.

Legal Consequences:

Clarke’s actions led to her appearance in Mold Crown Court, where she faced the consequences of her reckless behavior on that fateful night in November.

She was sentenced to 16 months in jail and received a two-year and eight-month driving ban.

The court emphasized the substantial risk she had posed to the officers during her escape.


The incident involving nurse Emma Clarke serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of drug-fueled recklessness and the dangers it poses not only to the individual but also to law enforcement officers and the public.

Clarke’s actions led to her downfall, costing her both her job and her freedom.

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