Korra Obidi Opens Up About Daughter’s Wish for Reconciliation with Ex-Husband

Popular Influencer’s Family Dynamics:

Popular influencer, Korra Obidi, known for adhering to privacy laws by not displaying her kids’ faces on social media, recently shared a heartwarming moment involving her daughter, June.

One Year Post-Split:

It’s been a year since Korra’s split from her ex-husband, Justin Dean, and she decided to involve her daughter in a conversation about the possibility of her getting a stepdad.

Daughter’s Honest Response:

Despite the suggestion, June made it clear that she only wants her biological dad and expressed her love for both her parents. In a touching moment, she wished for her parents to be back together.

Korra’s Firm Stance:

Korra, however, firmly rejected the idea, stating that a reconciliation is not feasible.

Social Media Reactions:

The online community had various reactions to this revelation. Some speculated about a potential reunion between Korra and Justin, while others shared their thoughts on the dynamics of the family.

  • esthersky_77 speculated on a potential reconciliation.
  • pearlsoilperfume hinted at Justin Dean’s possible response.
  • Chizonye7 commented on past dynamics involving Justin Dean.
  • nkechinyeremm highlighted the sacrifices some women make in marriage.


The video showcasing this intimate family moment has sparked discussions online, providing insight into the complexities of co-parenting and the emotions involved after a divorce.

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